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    results of two tameside contests in so far:-

    Ashton Station
    1. Leyland
    2. Fodens
    3. Can't remember
    4. Crewe Co-op
    5. Sellers

    The Bush - Droylsden
    1. Crewe Co-op
    2. BT
    3. Fodens
    4. Sellers
  2. Highnote

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    DELPH - 74 BANDS

    1. FODENS
    2. MARSDEN
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    Hebdon Bridge were joint 3rd at The Bush too:

    The Bush - Droylsden
    1. Crewe Co-op :lol:
    2. BT
    3. Fodens
    3. Hebdon Bridge
    5. Sellers
  4. Lady Cornet

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    Quick correction to 'Highnote's' results from Delph.

    1. Fodens
    2. Hepworth
    3. Marsden
    4. Brighouse

    Best Cornet Rob Westacott (Hepworth)
  5. Lauradoll

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    Denton Cricket Club

    1- Fodens
    2- Leyland
    3- Sellers

    Best Local- Mossley

    Best 1st Section- VBS Poynton
    Best 2nd Section- Elland
  6. dazzyboy

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    1st Dobcross
    2nd Leyland
    3rd Pennine


    1st Brighouse
    2nd Dobcross
    3rd not sure
    4th Pennine
  7. Iluvsellers

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    :lol: Two 5ths so far! Super Sellers!
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    No BOC brass in the results so far....

    I heard that they were excellent, very entertaining :wink:
  9. Mr Jinxx

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    More results for you

    Delph 74 bands played.
    1st Prize Fodens
    2nd Prize Hepworth
    3rd Prize Marsden
    4th Prize Brighouse & Rastrick
    5th Prize Cartax Navi
    Local 1: Dobcross Silver
    2: Tintwistle

    Dobcross 49 bands played
    1st Prize Dobcross Silver Band
    2nd Prize Leyland Band
    3rd Prize Pennine Brass
    Local Holme Silver Band

    Friezland 42 bands played
    1st Prize United NW 2000
    2nd Prize Bakewell Silver
    3rd Prize Blackley B Band
    4th Prize Wardle & District
  10. markyboy

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    First three at Uppermill were:-

    !st Hepworth
    2nd Stocksbridge
    3rd Navigation.

    Thats as much as I know, keep the results coming folks!!
  11. nettyfh

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    Scouthead & Austerlands Contest Results 2004

    Number of bands: 68 (Record)

    Open Section
    1st Hepworth
    2nd Dobcross
    3rd Brighouse & Rastrick

    First Section
    1st Marsden
    2nd Old Silkstone
    3rd Poynton

    Second Section
    1st Silk Brass Macclesfield
    2nd Marple
    3rd Haslingden & Helmshore

    Third Section
    1st Middleton
    2nd Wardle & District Anderson Band
    3rd Huddersfield Brass

    Fourth Section
    1st Royston Town
    2nd Eaton, Farnworth and Walkden
    3rd Parr St Helens

    1st Shirland Training Band
    2nd Oldham Music Centre
    3rd Tewit Youth

    1st Diggle
    2nd Holme Silver
    3rd Meltham & Melthem Mills

    1st Delph
    2nd Greenfield
    3rd Uppermill

    Senior: Dobcross
    Youth: Tewit Youth
  12. stewie76

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    Lees partial result

    1. Brighouse
    2. Staffordshire
  13. markyboy

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    1 B and R
    2 Fodens
    3 Pennine


    1 Hepworth
    2 Pennine
    3 B and R


    1 Hepworth
    2 Dobcross
    3 B and R

    ps Nice to see Marple out and about after a couple of tough years.
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    YAY Tmp 18 at Delph beating boc brass

    AVE IT!!
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    Yup, very interesting result.

    Was the adjudicator in a soundproof booth?
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    There is a web site run by Bob Hindley with quite a few Saddleworth results on. I found it be entering ' whit friday results' on yahoo.

    Are there any results for Tameside yet?

    Backrow Boy
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    yeah!!!! well done everybody! No rehearsals and a complete scratch band- I thought the band sounded fantastic yesterday!
  20. aimee_euph

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    we beat BOC brass too, Rainford came 29th!