Whit Friday results?

Discussion in 'The Adjudicators' Comments' started by tubaloopy, May 25, 2013.

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    Scout Head Brighouse, Faireys........
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    you still awake
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    new link
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    Hepworth won denshaw plus best sop and basses
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    your site seems to be down
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    You must have caught us during an update. Site working fine now :)
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    Please do not trust the Saddleworth & Oldham website. It is not an official representation of our contests, the guy has results sent to him by the contests daft enough to trust him and then he gets them wrong!! The official/correct results will be posted on 4barsrest (sorry mouthpiece!) asap. And as soon I can, unless someone beats me to it, I'll post them on here too!
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    Having been at Delph since Band 1 - the top 10 bands were clearly those listed, and Briggus, Rothwell, and Psuedo Dyke clearly the best 3.

    Congrats tho to all. a very enjoyable evening.
  12. Glamorgan

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    Can someone explain how the University of Warwick, a fourth section band, managed to win second prize in the second section at Grotton and second prize in the third section at Lydgate? Not that I'm complaining :) just a bit confused!
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    If they are an officially registered 4th section band (rather than a scratch band), and they get higher points in the overall placings than third or second section bands, then they get awarded the relevent prize. They then can't also have the pirze for their own section...
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    At Grotton they don't know their arses from their elbows. They have given two soloist prizes to bands from the youth section and possibly the third, with good bands either side of them in the entry list??? (No disrespect to the bands) Their excuse is that 'when the best bands played it was very windy'! FFS!!!!
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    Usual dodgy results at Denton apparently - still, it takes all sorts.
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    Several youth players I know also play for respected championship or first section bands yet choose to do whit fri with their youth band. Did you hear the sop player concerned? It is not at all inconceivable that they could have deserved a soloists prize.
  17. Mephi

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    The reference to the inadequacy of that contest doesn't relate to that result, just a general summing up. As regards the solo results, it just seems a bit odd that's all. It certainly isn't sour grapes either, as I didn't compete at Grotton due to a six or seven band wait.

    If it is a genuine result, fair do's to the players concerned, you must be very pleased/surprised!
  18. numptycornet

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    I agree that, on the face of it, the result does seem surprising and I don't know the youth band or the young person in question. Just making the point that being young and playing for a youth band does not mean that you could not genuinely beat adult players from better bands to an individual prize. Black Dyke, Grimethorpe, Leyland, Hammonds, Marsden and GUS all currently have, or have had in the past couple of years, players eligible to play for youth bands - many of them in principal seats. I'm sure that any of those young people could beat most adult players to an individual prize.
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    Correct results on 4barsrest? Oldham band (Lees) as 2nd best local at Lydgate but they didn't play there! It should read Lees band as is stated on the Saddleworth whit Friday site
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    Yesterday we were told our band (deepcar) had won best 4th section band at Lydgate, but i've just seen via one of our members that we no longer have this prize....anyone know why? or if its true or not?

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