Whit Friday Results?

Discussion in 'The Adjudicators' Comments' started by tubaloopy, Jun 18, 2011.

  1. tubaloopy

    tubaloopy Member

    Anyone know any?
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  3. tubaloopy

    tubaloopy Member

    Come on Wilky, sort us out!
  4. wilky

    wilky Member

    fodens and faireys both with 4 first and 4 seconds, comes down to carrbrook again!!!!
  5. wilky

    wilky Member

    but dont have a contact number for the contest and the one on 4bars is wrong
  6. tubaloopy

    tubaloopy Member

    Good show by both chaps, may the best band win! (as long as it's Faireys! haha)
  7. Vinny

    Vinny Member

    Out of interest which contests did each one win
  8. wilky

    wilky Member

    fodens broadoak, droylsden, heyrod, audenshaw 2nd hurst, labour, celtic, top mossley

    faireys hurst, labour club, celtic, top mossley 2nd denton, heyrod, audenshaw, droylsden
  9. Vinny

    Vinny Member

    chaps......any ideas on how we can find out the carbrook result?
  10. critic

    critic Member

    Saddeworth BRIGHOUSE Won Denshaw Hepworth 2nd Leyland Won Diggle Brighouse WON Dobcross
  11. johnys

    johnys New Member

    whit marches

    Any results for Stone Town Band
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  13. natalie styles

    natalie styles New Member

    Can I just ask, why was stone town brasses MD sporting a Fairey band tie for the evening?
  14. hornydevil

    hornydevil Member

    37 Bands

    1. Fodens
    2. Faireys

    from 4BR
  15. johnys

    johnys New Member

    I haven't a clue not being present on the evening, i played sop in the band until my retirement last December when i moved to France, best person to ask is Graham the MD of Stone
  16. Masterblaster jnr

    Masterblaster jnr Active Member

    1. Brighouse
    2. Marsden
    3. Hepworth
  17. basebonetone

    basebonetone Member

    Diggle50 Bands
    1. Leyland - £650. Pemberton Old DW Wigan - £450. Brighouse and Rastrick - £350
    Highest 1st/2nd Section:Rainford - £150
    Highest 3rd/4th Section:City of Bradford - £150
    Highest Youth:Smithills Senior Brass Band - £100
    High Saddleworth:Diggle - £125

    Denshaw:52 Bands
    1. Brighouse and Rastrick - £750. Hepworth - £350. Diggle - £300
    Highest 1st Section:1. Oldham (Lees) - £100. Wardle Anderson - £75
    Highest 2nd Section:1. Dobcross Silver - £100 Denham Hendon Brass - £75
    Highest 3rd Section:1. Greenalls - £100. York Railway Institute - £75
    Highest 4th Section:1. City of Chester - £100.
    Golborne Brass - £75
    Highest Local:Co-operative Milnrow - £100

    Friezland:41 Bands
    1. City of Bradford - £150. Elland - £75. Greenalls - £50. Stalybridge Old - £25
    Highest 4th Section:1. Parr - £25
    Highest Youth1. 2nd Rossendale Scouts - £50. Rochdale Borough Youth - £25
    Deportment: 1.Bramley Brass: - £25. Rossendale Scouts - £10
    Highest Local:Boarshurst: £10
  18. basebonetone

    basebonetone Member

    Lees & Springhead:48 Bands
    1, Hammonds 2. Hepworth 3. Leyland4. Marsden
    Highest 1st Section:Frickley South Elmsall
    Highest 2nd Section:Delph
    Highest 3rd Section:Greenalls
    Highest 4th Section: Boarshurst
  19. Split Splat

    Split Splat Member

    Do you know who won best 1st Section at Greenfield ?
  20. Brassbones

    Brassbones Member

    All down to Dukinfield for Tameside prize then? And count back ...
  21. Masterblaster jnr

    Masterblaster jnr Active Member

    I don't sorry, i THINK i heard Ashton Under Lyne mentioned too but not certain. Think it could have been your lot.
    1. Brighouse and Rastrick - £1,000
    2. Co-operative Milnrow - £700
    3. Hepworth - £400
    4. Marsden Silver - £300
    5. Leyland - £250
    6. Delph - £200
    7. Hammonds Saltaire - £100

    1st Prize Brighouse & Rastrick 46 bands played.
    2nd Prize Rotherwell Temperance
    3rd Prize Oldham Band (Lees)
    4th Prize Marsden
  22. madsaz

    madsaz Member

    Not ashton band - we didn't go to greenfield!

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