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  1. E flat fred

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    Anybody got any results of the Whit Friday Marches 2009 at the Tameside Venues.
    Thank you
  2. tpcornet12

    tpcornet12 Member

    I'd had a drink but if I remember rightly....


    1st Leyland
    2nd Fodens
    3rd Fairey

    2nd Section - Silk Brass
    3rd Section - Hawk Green
    4th Section - Hazel Grove

    Best Local - VBS Poynton
    Best Trombone Section - Leyland
  3. horny100

    horny100 New Member

    Tame Valley

    1st Northop
    2nd Faireys
    3rd Fodens

    Not from official source, but believed correct.
  4. Al

    Al Member

  5. Al

    Al Member

    From 4br:

    Denshaw - 51 (bands)
    1st Black Dyke - £750
    2nd Milnrow - £350
    3rd Cheshire Constabulary - £300
    4th Hepworth - £250

    Well done Cheshire Constabulary for this result. Shows they bring more to Whit Marches than just an excellent display of deportment! What did they play?

    What did Black Dyke play?
  6. dizzy068

    dizzy068 Member

    We played Bramwyn and are thrilled with that result - yes we can march AND play! :) !
  7. Kinrao

    Kinrao Member


    1. Dyke
    2. B&R
    3= Rothwell and Hepworth
    5. Marsden

    Dyke definitely won and I think the rest are correct - Delph band club was a bit hazy at 2am this morning :guiness:hammer
  8. Kerwintootle

    Kerwintootle Member

    We played Knight Templar
  9. Al

    Al Member

    Thanks Kerwintootle, no doubt there will be some youtube footage.

    Hahah! No I wasn't suggesting anything else. It's just that you are way up there above your section. Absolutely fantastic to see you did so well but always a must to watch your band form up and march. It raises the standard and gives an excellent bench mark to aspire to.

    Any chance of some of the band stepping out of line and arresting a few jobbos whilst you're on the march!
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  10. Full results for Carrbrook are up at:


    1st: Fodens
    2nd: Faireys
    3rd: Hammonds
    4th: Haslingden & Helmshore :biggrin:
    5th: Leyland

    Congrats also to Nelson on winning 4th section prize, a cracking result (well done Dave and Emma!)


  11. woolly

    woolly Member

    Thanks for the comments..... we played BRAMWYN
  12. madsaz

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  13. tubaloopy

    tubaloopy Member

    Not wanting to rain on your parade Cheshire (see what I did there?) but this is obviously a completely bum result and looks to me like an administrative cock up.
    I heard Briggus and Hepworth play there as the last 2 on and if a fourth section band has beaten both of those performances without either a) fielding a band of top section ringers or b) there being an admin error I will show my backside on the town hall steps.
  14. madsaz

    madsaz Member


    I think you have missed the point of Whit Friday. Its perfectly possible for a non- championship section band to win a big prize on Whit Friday. The proper response to this (and therefore the supportive and professional approach) is to assume the band played out of their skin and put together a "once in a lifetime" performance, allowing them to win their place. Praise where praise is due.

    You may believe that the adjudicator boobed, or is deaf or is utterly barking mad. Any of these things may be true but are of course one man's (or woman's) opinion, as we all say about contests most of the time.

    But the chances are this wouldn't be a published result if they thought it was an administrative cock up - so well done to Cheshire Constabulary & a cheer for what is after all the beauty of Whit Friday!
  15. tpcornet12

    tpcornet12 Member

    Sorry - Fairey did not get 3rd, Hammond did - and best cornets. (courtesy of 4br)
  16. hornydevil

    hornydevil Member

    Any news on Lydgate and Grotton anyone?
  17. cbridge

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  18. Al

    Al Member

    If there is no registration procedure (and all the hassle that goes with it) then why not bring in as many players as you can afford or be bothered with?

    I suppose allowing big name bands to queue jump might be a different thing, but if you are running the show in your village surely you would rather have a big name championship band down your high street than one of the hundred or so lesser known bands. It might at first glance seem unfair but I would say it is something you have to accept to an extent at the Whit Marches.
  19. Thirteen Ball

    Thirteen Ball Active Member

    Aternatively - it allows my own circumstances last night.

    I played with Hepworth last night, but only on the road, and only because Andy Lincoln had had a fall, twisted his back and couldn't march.

    The rules (or lack of) at whit friday allowed them to turn out their usual quartet on the stand, (Rather than buying someone in, as you rightly state COULD be done) yet they could still field a full bass section on the march. And it meant I got a night out with a top-level band who were actually scrapping for prizes with the big boys.

    There are plusses and minusses to everything. One of the great things about whit friday is that anyone can play for anyone else.

    And the hell with the rain, I still had a good night! :)

    Solo BBb Bass, Yorkshire Co-op Band
    Reserve (marching) bass and "punkawallah-in-residence," Hepworth Band. :biggrin:
  20. Hells Bones

    Hells Bones Active Member

    Were you in Delph Band Club at the end then Andi?

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