Whit Friday Question!!!!!!

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by lottie4744, Jun 3, 2006.

  1. lottie4744

    lottie4744 Member

    I'm sure this comes up every year, but when you play the proper march do you have to play it all through with repeats and the DC. And if you have to go back to the top do you do repeats the second time?
    Had the same problem with Flixton last year, but can't remember what the outcome of it was?!

    Help please!!!!!! Cheers xx
  2. Brian Kelly

    Brian Kelly Active Member

    We played the repeats 1st time through, did the DC, and I think that we did the repeats 2nd time through as well.
  3. 2nd man down

    2nd man down Moderator Staff Member

    Most bands tend to do the DC and ignore the repeats 2nd time through. Don't think you'll get marked down for playing it either way tho because opinion on what to do after the DC seems quite divided.

    Happy to be proved incorrect tho.
  4. Naomi McFadyen

    Naomi McFadyen New Member

    I think when I played at the Whits last year we did DC no repeats.......

    but I could be wrong.
  5. andyp

    andyp Active Member

    I think it's up to you. I've never heard of anyone being penalised for repeating or not repeating on DC.

    Wonder if you'd be penalised if it's marked DC and you stopped at the bottom?
  6. lottie4744

    lottie4744 Member

    That's my main issue, we've been stopping at the bottom in rehearsal but it's marked DC. Don't want to say anything incase I'm wrong though!
  7. rutribal

    rutribal Member

    Hello there.

    In my experience on Whit Friday i have always done the DC and done all the repeats, even on long ones like the President. I have been in a band once where they got slated for not doing the repeats on the DC. In my opinion, it may be long but it's not worth the risk

    buzz buzz
  8. davidsait

    davidsait Member

  9. andyp

    andyp Active Member

    So you have to do the D.C (if marked), but it's up to you if you do repeats on it.
  10. LeDragon

    LeDragon Active Member

    I don't know what the rules are but I know that my band are going to be doing the D.C. with all repeats on the march we're playing tomorrow!
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