Whit Friday Postcode Help!!!

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by _si, May 23, 2010.

  1. _si

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    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone here could help me track down some postcodes as im trying to finalise the bands route on friday and simply cannot find certain postcodes!

    If anyone can provide postcodes for the following venues i would be a happy man :)
    (if there isnt a postcode for a venue, ie field, then a nearby building would do!)


    Many thanks!
  2. Frontman

    Frontman Member

    Greenfield starts at OL3 7EU. That is Boarshurst Band Club on Greenbridge Lane.
    The contest starts at the Conservative Club at the top of the road.

    Grotton is OL4 5SE. That is the Grotton Hotel, Station Road.
  3. _si

    _si Member

    Thanks Frontman!
  4. Frontman

    Frontman Member

    So that you have them all, the remainder are:-

    Dobcross. - OL3 5AA
    Greenacres. - OL4 3HD
    Friezland.- OL3 7LD.

    Don't say that us Saddleworth Folk don't help.
  5. ashwortdn

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    if you would like a good route round about 6-9 contest i am sure frontman would provide you with one has he lives in the area
  6. Columbo

    Columbo Member

    If anyone could fill in the rest of these, I would be grateful.

    Friezland - OL3 7LD
    Lydgate -
    Grotton - OL4 5SE
    Lees -
    Greenacres - OL4 3HD
    Scouthead -
    Delph -
    Denshaw. -
  7. Columbo

    Columbo Member

    Answered that one myself! For anyone interested!

    Friezland - OL3 7LD
    Lydgate - OL4 4JJ
    Grotton - OL4 5SE
    Lees - OL4 5DA
    Greenacres - OL4 3HD
    Scouthead - OL4 4AT
    Delph - OL3 5DT
    Denshaw. - OL3 5SE
  8. hvb_shizzle

    hvb_shizzle Member

    Need a little bit of help to plan the bus route for whit friday this year, I've used previous posts but I need the post code for the Diggle contest to fill in the gaps!!
  9. Bayerd

    Bayerd Active Member

    If you would like a route for 9 contests steer clear of Saddleworth....
  10. Frontman

    Frontman Member

    To complete the list:-

    Dobcross OL3 5AA
    Uppermill OL3 6AA
    Diggle OL3 7DA
    Delph OL3 5EG
    Denshaw OL3 5RY
    Greenfield OL3 7DA
    Scouthead OL4 4AS
    Greenacre OL4 3HD
    Friezland OL3 7LD
    Lees OL4 5AE

    All the OL3 are true Saddleworth Villages (in the old West Ridings of Yorkshire region). The OL4 are areas of Oldham which are listed as Saddleworth Contests for this occasion (if that makes any sense).

    Here's wishing everyone an enjoyable trouble free Whit Friday.

    And if anyone fancies a blow in the morning and sample the true meaning of the occasion, you can always come out with Boarshurst in the morning for our annual Whit Walks with the Churches of Greenfield.
  11. Columbo

    Columbo Member

    Good lad 'im! Never lets us down! Sent you mail Dave also.
  12. Al

    Al Member

    Whatever the plan, surely it will just go out the window on the day?

    Maybe twitter will come into force this year to give immediate updates on the queue at each location.
  13. tsawyer

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    Does anyone have the Tameside postcodes?

    We've added some shinyness to the map on Brass Band Results - http://brassbandresults.co.uk/map/ - it now shows bands by section, and some venues, and we'd like to add the Tameside ones too.


  14. Danny_L

    Danny_L Member

    Dunno if anyone can help - Y'know once you've played at Uppermill? Can the coach go back the other way on the main road (ie, where you've just marched) or do you have to keep heading north out of the village?
  15. Accidental

    Accidental Supporting Member

    They're all here.

    And to Danny L - all the coaches are directed through Uppermill one way, you'll have to drive through and then find a route back round (as far as I know its the same in all the villages).
  16. Danny_L

    Danny_L Member

    Ah thought so, just thought I'd double check though 'coz I'm sure I remember going through Uppermill the other way one year, maybe the coach went the wrong way or I'm just completely wrong (probably the latter!) - thanks for clearing that up Accidental!
  17. Danny_L

    Danny_L Member

    I remember that there is a really tight zig-zag-type bend near Greenfield, does anyone know if you can get a coach round it?
  18. Bandsman99

    Bandsman99 New Member

    Gents, just to clarify the situation in Uppermill.........coaches will be allowed to drive through the village in both directions however they will only be allowed to book in at the museum car park if they are coming from the Greenfield / Oldham end. Any coaches coming from Dobcross / Diggle end will have to drive through and turn round before being allowed to book in. I understand that they will not allow "runners" to jump off the bus and book in whilst the coach is turning around, the bus must be in the queue.
    In Greenfield, Chapel Road (the gentle slope from Uppermill into the village) is one way into the village due to road works and possibly the best way in whilst Station Brow (the steep road with the hairpin corner) will be open both ways and only way out of the village and it is anticipated this could become a bit chaotic as the night goes on.
    Hope this helps
  19. dave99

    dave99 New Member

    are they going to move all the barriers currently on Chapel Road as it didnt look like you could get a coach past them when I went down last week! Does sound like greenfield is going to be a bit chaotic this year but if everybody knows that then perhaps a lot will avoid it?
  20. Bandsman99

    Bandsman99 New Member

    Hopefully common sense will prevail and they will move them back as far a possible but there is a bus that still goes down there I think and so a coach should be able to get down. I know what you mean though it will be a close fit and a coach driver that has not experienced WF before could totally screw the whole job :-(