Whit friday playing opportunity

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    Uppermill Band - Whit Friday Playing Opportunity

    Uppermill Band are offering a fantastic opportunity to enjoy the unique experience of Whit Friday in Saddleworth.
    If you have not experienced the tradition then you don’t know what you are missing. All brass players, particularly tutti cornet and euphonium players are welcome to join us in the Processions of Witness on Whit Friday morning (29[SUP]th[/SUP] May) You can also join us in the evening travelling around the villages of Saddleworth. There may be an opportunity to play on the stand. Those who aren’t able to play on the standcan soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the march up at all the contest.Supper will be provided at the end of the evening.If you are interest or need further details please contact John – Band Manager on 07855-869295

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  2. tallyman

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    Wow!! what a fantastic opportunity.
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