Whit Friday photos and videos request

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by gcbtrom, May 21, 2008.

  1. gcbtrom

    gcbtrom Member

    I'm on the hunt for ANY photos and ANY videos (preferably free) from the Whit Contests 2008 for the Guernsey Concert Brass.

    If anyone can help - then please do!
    (As I say, if possible - FREE)

  2. paddo

    paddo Member

    try here mate, i photographed all 78 bands last friday night


    hope this helps, unfortunately i didn't stand there for 9 hours to do it for free! sorry mate but they are cheap, even downloads for chat rooms and stuff this year.
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  3. KitWoody

    KitWoody New Member

    I have a bit of video, including the coach driver conducting as he followed along at Greenfield!

    It will take a while before I have the chance to download the tape to PC and then up to youtube.
  4. gcbtrom

    gcbtrom Member

    Funnily enough I found your site shortly after posting my message :clap:

    Great piccies too! Will probably order a few when I get paid (trip has taken it's toll on my bank account at the moment! :mad: )
  5. gcbtrom

    gcbtrom Member

    Sound - let me know when you do sort it out. ;)
  6. Donkey Horn

    Donkey Horn Member

    You cheeky soul Ayrton! :rolleyes:

    I presume you have tried the rest of the band as well as our wonderful team of supporters who joined us on the trip. (although I was struggling to get my mother to understand that we wanted her to take some pics as Dad and I would be too busy marching to whip the ol' camera out!)

    Have started puting some on a GCB Facebook page, see http://www.facebook.com/pages/Guernsey-Concert-Brass/27883076504?ref=mf. You are more than welcome to have a copy of any of them.
  7. gcbtrom

    gcbtrom Member

    Cheeky.... ME!.... Cheeky... Yeah I guess so...

    Uploaded our photos to our PC last night so when I get chance I'll add some up. Just seeing if anyone had any videos mainly - just to see how it sounded :)
  8. Cornet Nev.

    Cornet Nev. Member

    Have you tried a look at You Tube? I believe a few bands have posted some video on there.
    You may finish up taking some time searching though, as I know of at least one video didn't have Whit marches as the title, or even in the title, just the name of the band and the piece played.
  9. whose the foxy lady leading ( i mean with the drum in hand) boobs n brass!!!!! sorry i was looking through the other pictures aswell just that well took my fancy lol

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