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    Done !
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    Well, yes but.... times are hard and councils need to use their money first and foremost on essentials. I acknowledge that the event provides a boost for local businesses (although only for one day a year) but in the current economic climate it seems unreasonable that local council taxpayers should have to foot the bill for an event which serves principally as an indulgence for bandsmen, most of whom are not local taxpayers themselves.

    Perhaps bands themselves might like to think about how they might keep this event going under their own steam? Sponsorship might be an obvious route. Entry fees might be another. Oh, for an organisation which could act on behalf of all bands, and to which all bands subscribed.....
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    Like the potholes in the area, which some some members on here aren't happy about? Just no pleasing some folk!
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    I admit I haven't done the sums, I was just taking my cue from the petition itself which (correctly) points out that the Whit Friday marches attract bands from all over the world (and although it doesn't say it, from all over the UK). Maybe we can agree that quite a large number of those who take part aren't locals. But this wasn't really my main point anyway.
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    It gets my signature.

    I agree that 'essentials' should get the council fund's priority. However, I expect there will be many items that get funding which would be regarded as lower importance.
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    I thought the main issue was with funding the Policing for the events?
    If that's the case, then yes a big chunk of the money does come from local Council Taxpayers, but some of it also comes from central government funding which we all contribute to through Income Tax.

    Interesting point about finding other sources of funds, and the obvious one to me would be from entry fees at each village. The most expensive villages in Tameside on Friday were £2 to enter, and one was free - the steward was surprised when I asked them how much it was, and said he didn't realise other contests charged anything at all! Perhaps if bands put more into the pot with our entry fees, some of the council funding that currently goes into the prize fund could be used in other ways.
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    When I asked our 'runner' how much the entry fees were this year I was surprised to be told virtually everywhere is still only a pound or two. I expected them to be more around the £10 mark by now, at least. I know Whit Friday can be expensive for many bands, with a coach an absolute necessity, but even at £10 a time the total entry fee would still compare favourably with most other contests, i.e. somewhere between £40 and £120ish.
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    I Live kinda in this area, and you have to ask yourselves are the council doing their best for the area by cancelling this?

    I believe no.

    The revenue that this event brings into those villages for, not just the one day, must be enormous. There are thousand and thousands of people; and not just bandos. If you offset that against the policing costs?

    The council doesnt Baulk at spending millions on "Posh" Art galleries inthe centre of Oldham, or trashing money on countless other pet projects.

    Smething like this with national and interantional appeal should be encouraged and supported.
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    I like the idea but in some way when you look at 9 / 10 contests on the night it's £ 90 / 100 quid. may be its worth when the band checks in to it's first contest it pays a £25 quid fee for the Saddleworth area or Tameside are depending which on they choose to do then the get a stamped ticket given to the runner that the have to produce at each contest they attend in that area, then the bands just pay the current fee of one or two pound to enter each individual contest. If that £25 could then be held centrally in a fund in each area, and use to help with overall running of the contests / traffic management etc which personally I know how expensive that is you have to pay a contractor to provide the traffic management and you also have to pay the council on top. Working on a rough figure of the bands that attended this year from another thread: http://www.themouthpiece.com/vb/showthread.php?47383-Whit-Friday-Results-2012/page4

    If there where 78 bands in Tameside all coughing up £25 each that would raised just under 2 grand and the 125 bands in Saddleworth would have raised about 3 grand. I am sure if bands want this event to continue and with financial support that has been given to these contests from non-banding related sources over the years I am sure that some of the bands wouldn't argue with putting a bit back in. But could be wrong on that point
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    I understand the reason why Scouthead isn't/may not happen next year relates to the policing of the road closure and that the responsibility (and liabilities) will rest with the organisers of the event.

    However what is the cost to the council and the police? The venues we visited, including Delph, Dobcross, Greenfield, Lydgate had minimal police presence, certainly not one of crowd or antisocial behaviour issues.

    Uppermill however was a different matter and they had a highly visible and used police presence - but the explanation given for this is young people coming out from Oldham and Manchester, drinking all day. So these kids only drink once a year or would they be causing as much trouble somewhere else, though spread out? Are addition police brought in on a Friday night? Or presumably they are just deployed in one localised area. Is there a reduction in anti-social behaviour elsewhere?
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    Well, quite. None of us know what sort of money we are talking about. Freedom of Information request, anybody?
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    The standard cost of traffic mangement from a private contractor depending on the type of traffic managment required can variey from anything from £500 to £1500 plus APO costs street works noticing etc to the local authority. it's not cheap.
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    How so?
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    Well, quite. It's amazing how outraged banders can get when someone else who WAS paying for their hobby suddenly decides not to. I'm willing to bet that if every village put fees up to £10 per band (which even in Delph would still only net them £800), maybe with discounts or no fee for youth/school bands, there'd be a load of tight-ar$ed banders moaning about what an outrageous amount of money it was costing to get round the minimum 6 contests required for the overall competition.

    I'm a big fan of Whit Friday, for me it symbolises a lot of what's great about banding. But I'm realistic and business-minded enough to look around and wonder where the money comes from. In times where councils are cutting libraries, and roadmending and the like in order to cut costs, you have to wonder what the average non-banding taxpayer makes of council-subsidised brass band contests. If these contests bring trade to the village pubs, takeaways and ice-cream men, maybe they should be the ones sponsoring it?
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    People frequently dont just come fror the Friday but come for the weekend. - Try and Find a last minute Hotel or Guesthouse in the area for the Whit friday night and see how you fare!
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    To be fair at Delph, a Lot of them do; and put the effort in cleaning up afterwards.

    Still its another Northern working mans tradition - Lets wipe it off the face of the map so that taxpayers dont have to foot the bill.

    Shame that didnt work with overpaid Bankers eh?
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    As the proposed action to cancel the event is being made by the local council, which is presumably staffed at least in part by Northern men, some of whom must count themselves as working class, I'm not sure I follow you.

    It's also worth remembering that the roots of the Whit Friday tradition lie not in the class structure, but in the Christian faith. But as a Salvationist, you knew that already!