Whit Friday - Looking for a 4th section blow

Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by I'llplayowt, Apr 30, 2010.

  1. I'llplayowt

    I'llplayowt New Member

    Any 4th section band need a player? My main instrument is trombone (tenor or bass) but I have recently played both 2nd cornet and Eb bass (not at the same time!) with Nelson band, and am happy to play any instrument in between!
    Contact hnm3sykes@hotmail.com
  2. MrEllis

    MrEllis New Member

    Yes - Burbage Silver (4th Section) give me a call on 07545 572476
  3. eupho1

    eupho1 Member

    We require a trombone player, Please check us out at www.stockportsilver .co.uk Come down to our practice night on Tuesday. Steve
  4. _si

    _si Member

    rode hall silver require a Bass Trombone player mate, please contact Steve Twemlow Band Manager 07785 992041

    (we are playing rimmers cross of honour)
  5. Soprano Steve

    Soprano Steve New Member


    Friezland Band are in need of a solo trombone for whit friday. Would you be interested?
  6. simon.hotchkiss

    simon.hotchkiss New Member

    bellevue brass band would love you to play Eb bass on whit friday if thats any good to you