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  1. tromwinst

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    Just thought I would vent some anger on here. Sadly once again due to some stupid, pathetic yobs the Whit Friday event is going to be no more I think.
    Hearing lots of stories, again not fact but from trust worthy people, that there was a shooting, fighting, gangs. Which, by the way seems to be getting worse and worse every year.

    We only had one issue in Uppermill. The amount of yobs, that all look about 15 might I add, are ****ed up, shouting and looking for fights where ever you go.
    Sadly I dont think the police can manage this event any longer and because of these idiots that come in and have no interest in the musical event this event will be in danger.

    I'm not saying for one minute that I have the answers but what can we do?

    Im sure everyone on here and all other bandsman/women want nothing more than for this event to carry on, but what can be done to make this a better evening?

    I conduct Dobcross Youth Band and sometimes I felt worried for the kids safety whilst walking through Uppermill. The shouting, fighting swearing and general aggressive behaviour to the bands taking part was disgusting.

    What does everyone else think? Am I just getting on my high horse or do others feel the same way? :confused:

    Having said that the kids on the whole had a good day despite some worrying moments.

    Point is, there shouldn't be ANY worrying moments!
  2. blue juice

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    Didn't experience any trouble at all doing tameside this year. I heard this year at Uppermill they'd shut all the off licences and had doormen on all the pubs, obviously didn't work.
  3. tubaloopy

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    Ban alcohol in Uppermill full stop.
    If there are other villages that have similar problems, ban alcohol there too.
    The knob heads will stop coming.
  4. It is a shame. But we'll just have to avoid the contests where there's greif.

    Our band will go nowhere near uppermill.

    We did Thameside, with no probs....
  5. Elliebone

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    We ended up in Uppermill this year despite our plans not to - did anyone else have a coach driver who couldn't turn right? - and it was actually okay. We were there at 8pm though, and people were at the merry-drunk stage.
  6. Give me a flugal

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    yeah we were at uppermill this year and it wasnt as bad as last year. at least there werent so many riot police!! oh and was there really a shooting? just going through greenfield last night we saw alot of police, a coach coned off and some smoke. we assumed someone had been knocked over but was this perhaps the shooting?
  7. Frontman

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    James, I must agree with you.

    The one thing that Oldham Council wanted to happen, happened and that was that the louts continued to disrupt our traditional day out and managed once more to put people in fear.
    If they everb wanted a reason to stop the event, they were handed one on a plate last night.

    I have done Whit Friday for over 35 years and I personally feel that, certainly regarding Uppermill, the end is nigh. The rumours were rife last night regarding a shooting at Lees and 4 people dying in an accident at Grotton, none of which to my knowledge were true, but that is what people are like. Some deliberately start rumours to spoil the evening. At one time we were told that Lees, Grotton, Lydgate and Uppermill contests had been cancelled due to incidents, what a load of rubbish, but I do believe that those comments kept several bands from attending Saddleworth and staying at Tameside.

    However, one question which I feel must be addressed is, when all the orders and directives from the Police and Oldham Council where distributed over the past 2 weeks, it was stated that, in order to keep drunken behaviour down to a minimum, the pubs and off licences in Saddleworth will be governed by closing times and doormen controlling who comes and goes. Why if this was the case did the Police and the stewards of Oldham Council not stop the idiots going to the venue, and this was mainly Uppermill, carrying their cases and bags full of 24 cans of Stella which they purchased from the supermarkets in Oldham and surrounding areas, and travelled to Saddleworth on the buses and trains?

    There were dozens of people, several under age, with bags full of cans, walking round getting happily ----ed out of their tiny heads and no one saying anything. This may I say, was the reason for last nights drunkeness in Uppermill, not the licencees of public houses who followed the directives to the letter and lost hundreds of pounds.

    With regards to what can be done. Difficult question but one that must be addressed.
    Several town centres in the North West have a total alochol ban. Meaning that it is an offence to drink alcohol in the street. This gets rid of the can drinking problem, and before anyone says 'you cannot do that', the answer is simple, 'YES YOU CAN'.
    If they can impose this law in a town centre the size of Bolton, it most certainly can be done in a village the size of Uppermill. In Bolton, anyone found drinking in the street has, without question, every can in their posession confiscated 'end of'.

    Whatever happens now, something needs doing about the future of whit friday evening and conversations need to take place now, 12 months in advance. Obviously the Christian Festival will continue through the day as normal unless of course Oldham Council which to ban that as well.

    Finally, may I just say to those who wish for the Whit Friday Contests in Saddleworth to continue, serious suggestions with regards to possibly how and what can be done to improve the event would be received with gratitude so they can be put forward to the discussions which will no doubt be taking place very soon.
  8. Posh

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    I couldn't agree more with what you've said. Where was the shooting? A few years ago one of our bass players was shot in the back of his neck with an air rifle at Roundthorn. We were all stood around having a drink and it happened right outside the front door of the pub. Fortunately he was a biggish lad and it got quite a fleshy part, but he was chatting to some of the young girls in our band. I'd hate to think how bad it could have been if his neck wasn't shielding their faces. This contest doesn't exist anymore. Maybe it's due to incidents like that.

    The worst that we had last night was having some eggs pelted at us down the road from Denton as we has a quick rehearsal. And at Greenacres some yobs threw a bottle at our Principal cornet player as we marched up the street. Fair enough it was only plastic, but it could have been glass and it only just missed his head, unfortunately! :biggrin:
  9. Andy Cooper

    Andy Cooper Member

    Yes unfortunately a coach knocked over a guy carrying a child, they went under the coach. Child has survived but according to the radio this morning the guy died later in the evening of head injuries - very sad indeed, but given this, the problems in Uppermill once again, and the earlier crash at Grotton, one has to wonder if this is just the excuse Oldham MBC will use to pull the plug.
  10. Well Said Mr. Ash
  11. KMJ Recordings

    KMJ Recordings Supporting Member

    Great comments, Dave.
  12. mfearn

    mfearn New Member

    Just to let you know, that the accident involved our coach and the sad news is the casulty has now died. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/manchester/10189586.stm

    What is required is barriers along the roads and selective crossing points, which are marshalled. The incident occured by a spectator going inbetween the band and its coach. I think a review of marshalling needs ot be looked at. I am sure many more people would volunteer to help if they knew this was the only way to keep the contests going. It is on north west news
  13. Neil Glynn

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    Police asking for witnesses

    I went over with my brother in law's band last night, and we were queuing at Greenfield when the coach accident happened. Rumours were flying around all night but nobody really knew what was going on.

    The police are asking for witnesses to the accident, especially those who may have any video footage, to come forward. The telephone number is 0161 856 8473.

    The most informative article I've found so far on the web is here

    I hate to say it, but I cannot see the whit friday contests happening in the future. This may well end up as the straw that broke the camel's back!
  14. Backrowmike

    Backrowmike Member

    Very sorry to hear of the incidents and trouble in Saddleworth, like Blue Juice, we were also in Tameside and had a great evening, we also saw no problems at all.
  15. Crazysop

    Crazysop Member

    We did Tameside, which in the main was quiet and trouble free. However, did get quite irate at Broadoak when a pair of drunken chavs thought it would be good sport to run in between our players and generally be rude and extract the urine as we marched down.:mad:
    Apart from that we had a good run of 8 contests before bobbing back for a tater pie supper!
  16. Bungle

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    LGB did upper uppermill at 10:30, some idiot decided to walk through the band (front to back) while we were marching. Got a wack from the drum stick for his troubles though.
  17. towse1972

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  18. Mrs Horn

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    We have discussed this issue several times today - perhaps the contests would be more easily controlled if they were taken out of the villages and at venues which can be easily managed/controlled ie football clubs, rugby clubs, cricket clubs, town centres ?....

    I know this breaks with tradition but perhaps this is the only way forward if the Whit Friday Marches are to continue. Anywhere where you don't have to march down the street can be organised more easily and safely....


    Very good point....I think the chief constable will ban this event it s got out of control and can t be policed like a major football match due to the sheer size of it...perhaps it needs to be held indoors ?
  20. Mrs Horn

    Mrs Horn Member

    Not necessarily indoors Stuart - we have to look at compromises for safety reasons. The police have enough to do as it is but if we can contain it to a safer area, then it would cut down on police "man hours" and hopefully we can keep the "unruly" louts out of it. This tradition has been going since 1884, there's now way we are going to lose it without a fight... :)

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