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    As Whit Friday we soon be with us, I have been wondered how long the tradition of the march contests has been going on and how it started?

    How did bands get around the villages, before there were coaches - did they march all the way?

    Is there any informed member of this forum who can say something about the history of the Whit Friday contests.

    Thank you.

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    That whit friday web-site only covers saddleworth... apparently the first ever whit friday stop was in Stalybridge... I am led to believe the contests actually originated from Tameside...??
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    Indeed the first contest was apparently Stalybridge. There was also one in the 1890's in Chadderton, at which Littleborough came 2nd. Hoping for similar results this year..................!
  6. My understanding is that the competitions originated as a sort of payment to the bands for the Whitsuntide walks of witness which were performed in the week following Whit Sunday.

    These church parades used the services of local bands and as a repayment the villages funded the competitions for the bands at the end of the festival week (i.e. on the Friday following Whit Sunday.)