Whit Friday for youth. time for consistancy?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by AMbrass1, May 20, 2008.

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    Is it not time we had some consistancy between the venues regarding the rules and reg's for youth bands?

    Some say 24 players plus conductor, Some say 35 with up to 3 adult helpers, some have no restrictions on the number of players.

    It is most off putting to arrive at a venue to find that you have to tell some players that they cannot perform. I know the advice from some venues is "play as many as you want no one will be counting" is not really in the spirit of doing it right. Surely we should be encouraging as many young people as we can to take part?

    I would propose that youth bands can field as many players as they wish providing the stage area can hold them (H&S reasons) and that up to a maximum of 3 adults can play but not in principal position. More is not always best of course in terms of ensemble playing, but when you reduce a band to 24 players when they are used to playing in a band of 35+ does put them at a dissadvantage.

    Let me know what you think especially if you serve on one of the committees. And may i take the opportunity to thank all the committees for putting on these events every year? I'm sure this thanks comes from everyone who took part on Friday.

    Well done WSBB 3 firsts and a junior solo cornet prize even with a number of key players missing. 5th overall at one venue was impressive to say the least-well done. :clap:

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