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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by second_horn, May 30, 2016.

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    Last Friday we did our first ever Whit Friday! We started at Audenshaw under cloudy skies, by the time we got to Broadoak the rain was relentless. Now I know the forecast had predicted this, but we (mainly me!) were woefully unprepared, no waterproof, and later on when it got dark, no head lamps, so as we moved away from under the streetlights our march petered out as we couldn't see a thing! And all around us bands who had obviously done this before were there with their little rain ponchos and headlamps. As we stood playing our last one at Lydgate at nearly 11pm, soaked to the skin and not being able to tell raindrops from notes, any tips for next year? ( Apparently, it was all such fun we can't wait to do it again!)
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    You seem to have realised where you may have been lacking ( lights, waterproofs etc), but , having played on Whit Fridays for 45+ years, I have always tried to memorise my part since being caught out by a lighting failure one year part way through the contest march.
    It was wet at Lydgate at 2300 hours, I was there listening as the band I was helping had finished by that time.
    Laminated music and wipers on your glasses also help!
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    You've pretty much answered your own question, lol..... gear for the Whits should be the same as any other evening marching gig - decent shoes, waterproofs, lights and waterproof music!
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    We had a lighting malfunction at Friezeland, such fun! I'm sure next next year will be a hot sunny balmy evening. See you there!
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    These do happen occasionally - usually when you have your thick woolies on and your mountainclimbing boots and carrying a 50lb lighting rig! :)
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