Whit Friday at Delph....

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  1. paddo

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    Hi to all you avid Whit friday goers...

    Marlin Images will be at Delph as per usual doing th rounds with the photos of every band that plays there. But this year we will be providing something with a difference.

    All bands will be given an envelope with a form which they can send back to our studio which they can purchase all their band photos on disk for £20, yes £20. Use them for whatever you wish. Websites, advertising even print them all off for the band, up to you. £20 is a bargain.

    Enjoy it all guy's and girl's and remember to pick up your envelope from Sarah, the photographer on site.


    Marlin Images
  2. paddo

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    well didn't go exactly to plan did it, wet or what??

    Images will be on line hoping by the end of play tomorrow when i get the images from our photographer on the night. Not sure sarah wants to do it again after she was wet to the bones. Well done to all bands, total admiration in those conditions guys and galls......
  3. paddo

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    Images wil be on here all being well later today, sorry for any delays, *$£*& dy computers......
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    Lovely gentle music on there - dreamy!

    April xx
  5. barrytonegirl

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    I can't get the site to load, am I doing something wrong?
  6. Simon_Horn

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    Hi, we didn't get any envelope and I can't find the images on your site - what should I do?

  7. Frontman

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    Found the Bands page but the pictures are of 2008 not this year?????
  8. paddo

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    just to let everyone know due to the weather no forms were handed out for obvious reasons. You can all still p[urchase the disk of all your bands photos at £20 inc postage

    We are having a few problems at this moment in time trying to get these on there, new site and all that stuff. Please be patient, they should be on by end of play this afternoon.


  9. paddo

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  10. catherine_S

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    Still no joy! Hope this gets sorted soon! Good luck!
  11. Frontman

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    Still only 2008 photo's.
  12. SaddLad

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    Sure aren't 2009 pics - look at that sunshine!!
  13. paddo

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    ooooooh at last guy's and gals photos from 2009 are online...

    Such a busy time and upload issues plus weddings all weekend staff should have finished the upload!!

    enjoy anyway and remember all bands can purchase a disk of all their images for £20, print whatever, show whatever........ bargain.

    Also in the rush a couple of bands images may seem a little bright and over exposed, let me assure you any images coming out on disk or prints will be adjusted for this and will look fine.

    Cheers again,