Whit Friday 2013

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  1. Beesa

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    There doesn't appear to be a Whit Fridat thread this year, although I see one has recently been put up in the Adjudicator's Comments for the results.

    Any stories about yesteray? Unfortunately I couldn't make it this year, even though it had become an annual pilgrimmage. I was thinking about it all day yesterday. How was the weather? Drunken kids at Uppermill? etc.
  2. Euphgit

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    I brought ''Manannan Brass'' over from the Isle of Man. We had a fantastic trip, started with wake up at 5am. 7.30am boat to Liverpool. Coach to Manchester. Made up of about 50% Castletown Metropolitan Silver Band with members of Rushen, Douglas and Ramsey bands, plus a few from Hesketh.

    We played Denton, Heyrod, Friezland, Uppermill, Delph, Scouthead, Greenacres. Considering most of the players are non-contesting and have never been to whit friday before, plus we only met some of the players on the day, played very well. Most importantly though had a load of fun.

    Only thing that sticks out is my baton getting lost in my jacket at Delph!
  3. classicbrass

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    There certainly was a Whit Friday this year!!

    The morning was cold and very windy (especially on the hill above Saddleworth church) with intermittent rain. It threw it down while the massed procession went to Brownhills and back.

    For the band, contest quite a few of the contests reported record numbers which would suggest plenty of bands out and about. No Black Dyke as reported, but some turned out as a scratch band - SHB. From reports it rained just about everywhere from around 4:30 to around 5:30 after which it began to brighten up. It was certainly sunny though windy when we got to Lydgate after six. There we plenty of bands from Europe all immaculately turned out. One of the Swiss bands was giving chocolate away.
    The crowds seemed smaller than usual (probably the weather) but for us the reception in Lees was fantastic. The residents even cheered when we drove through the village before playing, but the noise on the march was such an adrenaline rush that we got our first ever first place in a contest. Coupled with a 2nd in the 3rd section at Greenfield where it was p*****g down when we played (we're are a 4th section band) it was just about the best day the band has had.
    As we walked off the stand at Greenfield a teenage girl said "that was the best of the day". As we played 5th she might have been right but it really was a confidence booster.

    Lees Band
  4. I went and had a blow with the mighty "Tartan Brass" at the weekend, needless to say it got blimmin cold at 10pm in a kilt! What a contest though, first time I've been, and one of the most surreal experiences I've ever had. Great laugh!
  5. classicbrass

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    So are you coming back next year ?
  6. jockinafrock

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    Had a great time out with Silk Brass again this year. The couple of prizes we got were a bonus, but it's always a memorable day out! Great laugh on the bus on the way back when the loo door came off it's hinges more than a few times!
  7. P_S_Price

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    Does anybody know what SHB stood for (Should Have Been...?)
  8. fartycat

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    SHB is a vehicle hire firm - http://www.shb.co.uk/

    The firm offers considerable support to both Woodfalls and Black Dyke. So when players from both bands decided to come together to play as a joint band at Whit Friday this year we chose the name SHB as a thank you for all that they have done for both bands.
  9. I certainly hope so!!
  10. mikelyons

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    I had a great time at Denton. They always really look after me, make sure I'm comfortable and they registration of bands and so on is really efficient and well run. This year was a bit of a strange one in that most bands turned up early, rather than late but the weather was kind to us as it didn't rain. Well done to all the bands who played.
  11. Neillyboy

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    Tartan brass will be back!! I apologise to the greenfield residents for the crazy antics on the bandstand (sponsored by carlsberg) but hey it's once a year and they loved it!!

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