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  1. Beesa

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    In summary - another great year and the weather was kind.

    There were one or two incidents such as a holdup due to a coach collision (Greenfield?) and Uppermill being closed down earlier than expected due to a fight of some sort (drunken 'kids' with no interest in Whit Friday or brass bands whatsoever). Little changes.

    The morning Whit Walks were as magnificent as ever and Uppermill, although maybe not with the crowds from previous years, was still very busy. The bands from the continent added an international flavour and were made very welcome. Over the years similar Whit Friday processions have died out in other parts of the country and we should be thankful that the village suburbs areas of Oldham and Manchester maintain their tradition and their faith. Brass banding in the UK would be very much the poorer without this whole event. Those of us not from the area must remember that without the Whit Friday ceremonies of the morning, there simply would not be a Whit Friday evening. I do recommend that if you haven't been, then next year make a whole day of it and visit Uppermill for the morning. It is a very different place as many of us see it during the evening.

    Uppermill this year during the evening had a strong police presence and the various troublemakers from outwith the area managed to mar the scene again, to some extent. Police Quick Response units were kept busy. The brought in security folk did a great job and, for example, one on each corner walked the buses along the procession route making sure the crowd were kept clear. I note that the police horses were at Uppermill whereas other years I have seen them at Delph.

    Delph, there was little visible police presence. Again, the security firm did a good but difficult job keeping the crowds off the road. A necessary job and I am sure that their work freed up the police for the task of keeping trouble at bay in other places. The crowds must have been down because whenever I went for a pint in the Bulls Head it was just a case of a two minute queue and taking a seat in the window to watch the bands head off from that vantage point. How often can you do that?

    The Olympics brass were good fun, dressed as various sporting characters. I've certainly never before seen anyone march down the street in a pair of flippers.

    Tartan Brass eeked every drop of emotion from the crowd and the 5 minute wait before they headed off wasn't wasted. A quick verse of "Flower Of Scotland" and the Proclaimers "500 Miles" let anyone in doubt know exactly where they were all from.

    The continental bands I saw were from Bavaria, Sweden and Switzerland and were well received by all. I hope they return home with good memories and experiences of Saddleworth.

    Down at the contest area. I thought Dronfield Band had that unenviable task of playing before Black Dyke, apparently not for the first time that evening. They played well, probably better than ever, and I am sure it was an experience they will never forget. Well done to them.

    I managed a quick visit to Dobcross and would have loved to go to Greenfiekd and Freizland too, but with so many bands to watch and so much good beer to drink time was too valuable to spend travelling through the roadblocks etc.

    Whit Friday 2012 - fantastic as ever. Anyone else have their thoughts to share?
  2. John_D

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    There did seem to be various rumours circulating about various venues. Some people seemed to think that Denshaw was not on which is maybe why there was no queue at all when we got there. Uppermill didn't close early. We got there at the very end of the advertised registration time and didn't finish on the stand until after 11 (we were the last band to play and played the national anthem).
    Social media is a fantastic thing, but, as was seen, very easy for mis-information to spread.
  3. Beesa

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    Sorry for any mis-information. I was only at Uppermill in the early evening. It is all too easy to dwell on the negatives which are outweighed by the massive positives of the event thousands to one.
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    Thanks for your very nice comments and yes it was very special for us, got a great reception from the crowd (perhaps they wanted us to get off lol) We had great reception at Dobcross and Greenfield too - some fantastically large crowds at both. Only negative for us was getting held up going back from Dobcross to Greenfield through Uppermill were they were only allowing 2 coaches through between each band, Imps also got held up there - if we had known would have diverted around it but hey ho. Other wise a great night for us heard, Black Dyke, Grimey, Marsden and Briggus - and all for free.
  5. P_S_Price

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    I was at Uppermill for the Morning - (Death or Gloried to Death) but a Great event and Great bacon Butty!

    Delph for the Evening - Congratulations Surely go to Alan Kershaw and the team which keep the (in my view) busiest contest trouble free and running like clockwork.

    It was great to hear Grimey back on the circuit; and surreal to see Dr Nick drop off, a lady who I assume was his Mum.

    What can you say about he Olympics - Bravest contestant must have been their Eb player who rolled up and played in just Speedos.

    There couldnt have been much between the top 4; but all got big Cheers.

    Cant wait for next years
  6. Tubah

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    We aim to please!!!:cool:
  7. Bonjour_Laura

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    Tartan Brass made it for us in Delph, absolutely hilarious, the Banter was phenomenal! Starting off singing along to Slaidburn and then ended up having a sing off with them! Shabba! haha!
  8. Beesa

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  9. coldrum

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    We manage to see Tartan Brass every year (we must play the same villages!), and they always appear to be having a good laugh on the march. Kudos to the guy waving the flag at Delph - can't have been easy doing that all the way down the march.

    Anyone know the band playing the A Team on the march? They were at Uppermill around 8pm, about 50 strong, and wearing blue jackets.

    Overall a really enjoyable evening, despite the hold-ups at Uppermill. Congrats to all the bands, and of course all the volunteers / organisers.
  10. Keith Stanley James Lever

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    I assisted Denton Brass on Solo Bb Baritone, our first stop on the circuit was Tame Valley Hotel, who were waiting to go on number one - Fairy's, Denton followed them, who were on after us - Foden's ,what a way to start a Whit Friday Night.

    Thanks to Denton Brass for putting up with me, a nice set of people and we did six enjoyable venues.

    Next years Whit Friday ~ 24th May 2013.
  11. Bungle

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    My mum mentioned there was an article in the Daily Telegraph today about the Whit Friday marches. I couldn't find it on the web site, but a web search found this pre event article in the Guardian
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    Try here

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