Whit Friday 2009

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  1. gcbtrom

    gcbtrom Member

    Apologies if this isn't in the right area.

    What would you suggest would be the best venue to watch? Thinking of coming over and watching for a change but not sure where the excitment is (other than being on the bus driving around for 6 hours trying to find venues and all that)
  2. HornMaster

    HornMaster Member

    I always thought Dobcross was a good one to watch. Uppermill and Denton are others that spring to mind as well.

    It's quite a while since I've been though so there may be better ones than these.

  3. JonnyShaw

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    Your best bet to watch is definately Saddleworth in my opinion, whereabouts though in Saddleworth.... Greenfield, Uppermill and Dobcross always seem to be favourites with spectators but I would say best is probably Delph, it's like the hub of Saddleworth on Whit Friday. Especially if you don't mind having a late one as every major band, even if they are doing Tameside, try to make it over to Delph before the close of registration to play infront of a packed village! Good chippy there too!
  4. Aidan

    Aidan Active Member

    delph and dobx are the 2 biggies with the best atmosphere, esp later on in the evening.
  5. Beesa

    Beesa Member

    I visited Saddleworth Whit Marches for the first time in my life last year.

    This is my take on it:

    By motorbike I got round most of the locations in the afternoon which I recce'd by google earth before hand. This was just to suss out where I would watch from once the marches started. That sounds a bit anorakish, but was well worth the bother.

    When you're competing, it seems to me, you are lucky to visit 6 locations and end up spend quite a lot of time waiting around in the coach. When you're watching then you can visit them all if you want, and watch as many bands and you can (50 or more)

    I would recommend spending time at Greenfield because (as you know from last year with Guernsey Concert brass) you can see bands do a complete march and there is plenty of room, early on anyway. Good food and drink available at the club near where the march starts. This will set you up for the night's drinking.

    On foot it is then about a mile to Uppermill. A good march location and the contest arena is well attended, even if it is mainly by drunken kids.

    Dobcross has to be seen to get a taste of the area. Only a small march (100yards?!) but the contest arena is very iconic of the Whit Marches.

    From there it's a mile slog to Delph, where I found was an excellent spot to end up at, although I am sure all the other locations are just as much fun.

    So - I would just go there with a rough plan, go with the flow, but with the aim of finishing up at your favourite spot.

    This year I hope to watch the morning celebrations too, but that seems to be a whole new subject.

    I have a load of video from last year which I still need to digitise. Good footage of Guernsey brass too, with the coach driver conducting along in his cab (both hands!) as the band progressed down Greenfield!
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  6. ronnie_the_lizard

    ronnie_the_lizard Active Member

    I'd agree with Beesa - it's quite a long day from 4pm till gone midnight so a change of venue if you're not playing is worth it.

    I'd go along with Dobcross, Delph and Uppermill as being my favourite three - Uppermill has in recent years had a bit more rowdiness from local youths and the main road through the town stays open between bands whilst Delph and Dobcross shut the centre of the villiage for the evening and in good weather the whole road is packed with Bandspeople till well gone midnight.

    I've also started going to Mossley for the morning marches too - a very differenrt experience.

    Having said all that, even if your band's not playing you'll probably find several bands on tMP who would be glad for you to join them for both the morning and evening marches if you did want to play (?? even the tMP band if enough people sign up this year ??)
  7. gcbtrom

    gcbtrom Member

    Thanks for the replies etc. Greenfield is a pretty unique venue I must say, I recall helping the Clifton Band out in 2007 and we were one of the last bands to play, and one of the last ones in the only place that had any food left...

    Delph seems quite interesting, as you say pretty much the centre of the attention so should get some decent viewings.

    As for the playing part it would depend on if I actually went over - getting off this island isn't exactly cheap. Plus it would be nice to experience different sounds and relax with a pint (or as many as required) during the evening without having to find the right coach 5 times a night...
  8. Beesa

    Beesa Member

    There is a Whit Friday youtuibe and photos thread somewhere but this summed up my visit to Delph last year:

    Tartan Brass

    This was obviously towards the end of the night, and after the fun and dancing the band played well for the contest march.

    Plenty of entertainment everywhere though, and very varied. It was also interesting to hear a band play "Sit On My face And Tell Me That You Love Me" as they marched down a packed street!

    On a serious note though, this, from the previous year, after the march down, is Black Dyke
  9. Boarshurst

    Boarshurst Member

    I must saw that Delph is a very popular venue, that being of Brassed Off fame. However at Greenfield you get the full value of the event and there is enough space to park and watch, whether it is on the street watching the marching or on the village green watching the contest, Greenfield has it all, including numerous drinking establishments. And of course everyone is welcome at Boarshurst Band Club.
  10. JonnyShaw

    JonnyShaw Member

    ...the only thing I don't like about Greenfield is the funfair near where you are playing, which seems to have gotten more and more audible and for me spoils the performance abit. also they should swap the way the band faces, back to how it was afew yrs ago, great view while your playing looking out at the hills!
  11. gcbtrom

    gcbtrom Member

    Probably why they changed it - too many bands getting distracted by the views...
  12. Di B

    Di B Member

    Just an add on... If you fancied changing venues part way through you could always try and scav a lift on a band coach for a small donation to that band. Sure most would go for this if they had room and if you asked nicely enough :)
  13. gcbtrom

    gcbtrom Member

    I've had a quick look using online maps etc, and 4 contests are pretty close and within walking distance. Delph, Dobcross, Uppermill and Greenfield.

    Would probably go and watch either Delph or Uppermill. Dobcross is slightly crowded and Greenfield is quite far away.

    Are there any concerts at the Civic Hall on the Saturday? Would make coming over worthwhile and could stay in Uppermill.
  14. ploughboy

    ploughboy Active Member

    My personnel opinion is to avoid Uppermill like the plague. We've never found anything positive to say about the behaviour, or the atmosphere. ALL the idiots seem to end up there, which is fine, they're nowhere else!
  15. Boarshurst

    Boarshurst Member

    It takes about 10 mins to walk from Uppermill to Greenfield via the canal.You walk from the rear of Uppermill car park and comes out in the center of Greenfield by the new Marina.

    There is a concert on Saturday evening at Boarshurst Band Club, Green Bridge Lane, Greenfield by the Fielson Brass Band from Holland conducted by Alex Zwann.
    Everyone is welcome.
  16. Pieter1

    Pieter1 New Member

    Thanks for the annoucement for our concert on Saterday evening the sixt of June in your Bandroom. We also looking forward to see al the Bandmembers and the conductor at the Whit Friday Marches 2009 where we also will play.

    Principal Felison Brass
  17. Aidan

    Aidan Active Member

    hmm thats a thought... I wonder if we can get Uppermill council to sponsor Chav Brass
  18. mdfreeman

    mdfreeman Member

    To be fair to uppermill I've been there for the last few years. It's not as bad as it used to be and there is a good police presence there to deal with the idiots very quickly.
  19. gcbtrom

    gcbtrom Member

    TBH most places/villages I've performed at have always had the usual crowd who spoil it for everyone so not really bothered about "that crowd" being there - got quite a few over here so used to it...

    Uppermill and Greenfield are the only major ones I see any of "that crowd" there, the rest are pretty good. Not knocking either venue obviously, it's life and you will get them.
  20. Aidan

    Aidan Active Member

    unless you move abroad :p

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