Whit Friday 2009! Who's going?!

Discussion in 'The Adjudicators' Comments' started by ISBBBb2, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. ISBBBb2

    ISBBBb2 Member

    Cornerstone Brass are making its debut this year! SHould be a good giggle if nothing else!! :)

    Anyone else?
  2. Hornted

    Hornted Member

    Who's who

    A first time for Newstead Brass also this year - just hope we dont get too wet but adds to the fun I suppose

  3. Thirteen Ball

    Thirteen Ball Active Member

    I'll be there, but my band won't.

    Playing on the road marches only for my mate's band because one of their regular basses has a back injury so can't march.

    He's still playing on the stand though - cos he's a lot better than me!

    Good luck one and all. Hope the rain holds off, and that the revellers have the sense and good grace to get out of the way of the bands at Delph and Dobcross....
  4. Red Elvis

    Red Elvis Active Member

    I'd love to go !!! Maybe next year .
    Both bands I've played in are obviously well down south , so thats an issue ( not to some I know ) but biggest problem is the timing - when a band has a large number of teachers and a couple of youngsters still at school ( and all in the cornet section !) it makes it difficult outside of the holidays.

    Next year I'll organise myself in time and offer my services to whoever can offer me strong drink !! :)

    Hope y'all have a great day.

  5. adrian90s

    adrian90s Member

    Whit friday 2009! Who's going

    I am, phone late last night and guesting with Stocksbridge on ORB! all abuse welcome.

    Adrian (Yorkshire Imps)
  6. Laserbeam bass

    Laserbeam bass Active Member

    We should get a London/Essex band together, and go up next year.


    In ascending order of importance:
    Play an instrument
    Have a vast amount of money for beer
    Able to drink all day
    Still be able to play after numerous quaffings of Ale
    Know someone who can blag a coach for free, or as little as possible
    Know someone who can make a trolley for my BBb, or supply an Electric wheelchair, as I can't march

    Feel free to add any other criteria of relevance
  7. KMJ Recordings

    KMJ Recordings Supporting Member

    I'll be at Delph with the kids early doors.....apologies if you breathe in to start your contest march and some random small child screams "Horseeeeeeey!!!!" at the top of their voice....


    TO ANYONE WHO SAYS THEY ENJOYED WHIT FRIDAY THIS YEAR.......YOU MUST BE INSANE .It was the worst one in my 32 years of attending this event...never again.
  9. Danny_L

    Danny_L Member

    We were very unlucky with the weather, absolutely stunning all week then that tonight was very unfortunate!

    I think that the different venues need to think about some solution to this problem, we generally know early on in the day how it will turn out, like today! Surely some alternative could be on standby should this happen again? A hall? Temporary shelter? Maybe that would take too much organising, I don't know, all that I can say is that in this day and age, to say that we have to let the weather hamper what is a massive annual event is disappointing.

    It just feels like we have no alternative, I mean, I'm all for braving it, but if it's going to mean that people are put off attending what should be a great occasion then I do think that these things need to be looked at - my humble opinion, you may agree or disagree!
  10. dizzy068

    dizzy068 Member

    may I suggest a good waterproof and a hat?? bandspeople are not made of sugar!;)
  11. Danny_L

    Danny_L Member

    Haha, I know what you're saying, like I said, myself, personally, I don't care, I'd play whatever the weather! My concern is that people may be put off by what has happened this year, and if a move was made to announce improvements I'm sure it would help matters, as well as actually improve the whole experience. Our coach passed a coach that seemed to have a band in it from Chicago, I hope they hadn't come all that way just for tonight and were really disappointed by what was a bad weathered-whit friday, if an alternative was provided then such worries wouldn't occur?
  12. BIG Paul

    BIG Paul Member

    It's alright saying have a hall on standby. but are bands then prepared to pay £10 entry fee for each contest? againt the £1.00 now.
  13. tojo

    tojo Member

    any results yet , would love to have been their but having to work


    I agree...Well said!


    It s not just the heavy rain and freezing conditions that .......us all off,we saw yobbos turning road signs round to point in the wrong direction,moving cones blocking access to contests and shoving carrots and other objects up the exhaust pipes of parked buses !The usual drunks rugby tackled and handcuffed,organisation and traffic that gets worse each year.The whole event has lost the real meaning of Whit Friday and it s time it was sorted out..Most of the locals are fed up with it all anyway and the bill for policing it all must be massive,the chief constable should close all pubs for the evening and have limited numbers at each venue.
    Last edited: Jun 6, 2009
  16. sparkly

    sparkly New Member

    I agree with this. I went to watch this year and was quite shocked by the amount of drunk locals being very rowdy. Thought the police did do well though
  17. MrMac

    MrMac New Member

    Well, we managed 8 contests yesterday and didn't come across anything like you're suggesting. If anything the crowds were more supportive than ever, with plenty of sympathy for what we were having to put up with in terms of the weather. Mind you it helps that we started at Uppermill rather than finishing there...

    What the locals get up to in their own villages is up to them as far as I'm concerned - we're the visitors...
  18. alibaba

    alibaba Member

    I played with Marsden last night and Uppermill was the worst venue by far. We were held up twice while police sorted out fighting inside the pub near the start of the road march. We actually starting our road march then had to stop because it had kicked off again in the pub.
    If you ask me that place needs a nuke dropping on it.:)


    Yes it does.
  20. Al

    Al Member

    Very sad to read some of the comments regarding the drunken yob factor.

    I have only been to the Whit Marches once (last year) and was blown away by the whole event, which I would say is only scratching the surface of how popular it can become, especially in the brass band world, although of course it is bursting at the seams as it is.

    It would be a tragedy if The Marches became a victim of their own success. Unfortunately, more policing and more arrests would seem to be the only route to take.

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