Whit Friday 2008

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  1. swisscornet

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    Hi Folks,

    a couple of my friends from Switzerland are coming over to England next year in May and we are planning to go to the Whit Friday Marches.

    Can anybody suggest where to go? Where's best? Delph? Dobcross? Is it easy to find accomodation? What else should we take care of?

    We are very grateful for any help / suggestions.

    Thanks a lot.
  2. hellyfrost

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    Why not sign up for the tMP band and sample all the villages!:clap:
  3. super_sop

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    beet me too it, i was about to suggest the same.
    what better way to sample the Whits than to take part in it!!:tup
  4. cookie101880

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    Hi there. I would go to either Delph or Dobcross. Dobcross has more of a village feel about it which i personally prefer. Delph does have all the atmosphere as well though. Either or i'm sure your friends would love both venues. I would advise looking for accomodation soon as the local hotels do get booked up very quickly.
  5. towse1972

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    Whatever and wherever you go, avoid Uppermill like the pox! It's a disgrace!!!! I come close to gripping someone every year!!! ****** hoodlums!!!!!!
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  7. 2nd man down

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    agreed, we once had to have a lad arrested there for trying ti pinch our bus drivers sun glasses!! It's a hole.

    Sign up for the tMP band, that's the best way to sample the unique atmosphere.
  8. statto81

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    I've only ever played at Uppermill once and we were lucky to get out alive. Never again.

    Personally I like the atmosphere at Carrbrook, but then I am probably a bit biased.
  9. a very flat b

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    It's not too bad if you're there early.

    With a youth band a few years ago the idiots were trying to trip players up as they marched. And then one of the cornet players, only about 11 years old had his instrument take from him near the toilets.

    Later in the evening we came back through as the police were letting there dogs go into one of the pubs.
  10. marchris6047

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    Yeh if you go early on its ok :rolleyes: lol but like 4.30 to 6 ish
    after that its a little:eek:

    unfortunately i or should i say we don't really have much choice as its the village we represent :oops: were the last band on ... and yep the sport of trying to trip us up is still very much alive..

    its a real shame as uppermill is such a nice place, and its all spoiled by drunken urmmm urmmm hoodlum's....

    A Real Shame for banding and unfortunately bad publicity
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  11. tpcornet12

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    Quite ironic to read your post then read your signature! :wink:
  12. marchris6047

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  13. BbBill

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    Tartan Brass has done Uppermill the last 2 yrs and has seen no trouble, and thats with most of us wearing kilts and I think around the same weekend England were playing footie games!! (Tho I believe a local got stabbed in Dobcross 2 yrs ago when we were there!)

    I suppose not the best place for a bus load of Scotsman with kilts to be in a middle of a small village, with drunken English yobs on a footie day!!

    Thats not the bandsmen I was referring to BTW....!!!
  14. a very flat b

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    Heeee, Willie,

    Scots invasions always made the locals vanish.... :eek:
  15. a very flat b

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    By the way, I'm not sure we're selling the greatest show on Earth to Claudio! Lets get positive I love it, even Uppermill.
  16. sale

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    Yea Avoid Uppermill, we were there last year i was very intimidated i just wanted to get off the coach play and get out of there asap! i wintnessed someone getting arested last year and felt like a riot was about to start - so yea AVOID!!!!!!
  17. horn1

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    Uppermill really isn't that bad anymore, it went through a couple of years of trouble and it still can get quite rowdy later on. The biggest problem is the scallies that bus themselves in from the surrounding areas. THe best time to see uppermill is for the morning marches (before the scallies have time to get out of bed) and then I'd head for a smaller village, delph. dobcross, greenfield etc.
  18. History Girl

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    You are so right there, Whit Friday is the greates FREE Show on earth, unfortunately Uppermill Village suffers with 'outsiders' showing up for nothing more than causing trouble. Still, there are many people who are there for the music, and really appreciate the Bands that take part there. So dont give up on Uppermill as a venue. Please
  19. flugtastic

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    scouthead and austerlands is a very good contets to go to aswell. i always enjoy going there. it has a really friendly atmosphere and for as long as i can remember ther has never been any trouble there
  20. Greenfield is another good venue and has one of the longest marches. The only down side to the venue is once your in, you can get stuck as its only one way in and one way out!!! A great atmosphere is always provided by the people who line the street and then on the cricket ground for the contest march. Well worth a visit!