Whiston Festival of Brass

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    Enjoyed a fabulous day at this great entertainment contest yesterday. Only in it's second year it's a great day out for players and followers alike, and was very well organised. For 1st to 4th section bands it's very relaxed, and everyone had a great lot of fun and music-making. The beer festival added to the enjoyment for many but, that aside, I can't wait to go back next year!
    :clap: :clap: :clap:
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    1st Section: Silk Brass
    2nd Section: Strata Brass
    3rd Section: Dronfield Genquip
    4th Section: Maltby
    Most Entertaining Band – Chapeltown Band
    Best Instrumentalist – Flugel Horn – Whitwell, Nicky Hand

    Ranking of bands
    1. Strata Brass
    2. Chapeltown Silver Prize Band
    3. Silk Brass
    4. Dronfield Genquip Band
    5. Stannington Brass Band
    6. Dinnington Colliery Band
    7. South Yorkshire Police Band
    8. Maltby Miners Welfare
    9. Whitwell Band
    10. Emley Brass Band
    11. Thurlestone Brass Band
    12. Worsborough Brass
    13. Oughtibridge Brass Band
    14. Altofts and Normanton
    15. Whaley Bridge Band
    16. Cawthorne
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