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    I have been teaching full time for over 6 years now and for all of that time I have mainly been employed (with some self employment / private teaching, too). This week I have found out that my local authority is to cease ono-to-one and small group tuition in favour of whole class teaching in the new academic year and unfortunately that means as of September I will no longer be working for them; I will probably continue teaching on a self-employed basis. It seems apparent to me that I should become a member of a union which can offer the support of public liability and much more.

    But which one? :confused:

    Any thoughts on the matter would be most appreciated, thank you.
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    Not entirely sure why you say that? I'm not 100% sure of my ground here, but my understanding is that in Surrey at any rate, the Peri's are still responsible for the Wider Op's class teaching ... ???
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    Yes, and that will be the case here, but I am not involved in wider opps. I have been offered, but prefer individual tuition. I hope to be able to continue with my current pupils but as a self employed teacher. The schools I have spoken to so far seem very keen to do likewise.
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    Dorset have gone down the same route. I can't understand it myself as most schools specifically want instrumental tuition but Dorset now won't provide it, just classroom based wider ops. It will gradually spell the end of the county ensembles as Dorset will now not have an army of staff recruiting students into the orchestras.

    The Musicians' Union offers free PL and instrument insurance plus contract legal advice. I have been criticical of their coverage of teaching issues in the past but they have improved a lot and have helped me on several occasions.

    I'm not sure the actual teaching unions (NUT, Nasuwt etc) offer public liability, does anyone know?
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    The ISM do
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    I was speaking to colleagues today and they recommended the ISM.

    Absolutely; it seems that the county music services want quantity not quality and most schools want someone to teach individual lessons.
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    I've had dealings with both the ISM and the MU and they are pretty much the same. You pay more for MU membership but have better insurance (the £2,000 cover on non-specified instruments or equipment has saved my bacon recently). But for me belonging to a proper union that is affiliated to the TUC was important so that's why I'm with the MU.