Which Trumpet?

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  1. Rambo Chick

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    Hi tMpers,

    I'm looking to get a trumpet (yes, shock horror - how dare I mention the T word in a brass band forum ;) ). I'd like an 'all rounder'. I.e. something wholesome that will feature well in jazz and orchestra (the O word!). Can someone recommend a decent brand? At this point, I'm mainly interested in what's good and will worry about the price later.

    Thank you for your suggestions! :cool:
  2. Rapier

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    If you can find a Martin Committee that would be worth a look. Schagerl are pretty good (Mnozil Brass etc). Taylor VR are a more expensive option but can fit all styles, nice Andy Taylor refurbished one on Ebay at the moment. . Best bet is go try some and find one you like, and then comes the mouthpiece safari. Have fun.
  3. trumpetmike

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    Bach, Yamaha, Kanstul, Schilke - probably the regular recommendations.
    If you try all varieties of the above and nothing suits you, try Eclipse, Schagerl, Taylor, Galileo - anything you can get yor hands on (personally, I play Eclipse and LOVE them, other people don't enjoy them as much).

    As with all instrument choices, it is a personal choice as to what works for you, with you on the end, with your mouthpiece, your embouchure, your technique and whether it produces the sound that you are after.
    Play before you buy.
    Play as many as you can and then choose what works for you, in your situation.
  4. Rapier

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    Oh yes I forgot Eclipse! Which is daft as I have an Eclipse Flugel.:icon_rolleyes:
  5. GJG

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    There's an awful lot of info on the history of the Martin Commitee here: http://www.dallasmusic.org/gearhead/Martin%20Committee.html

    Whilst it was undoubtedly a very fine instrument, I suspect it wouldn't make a very good classical/orchestral instrument.
  6. Rapier

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    You could well be right, it's just that they aren't that expensive in comparison to some others out there. Fair point though.
  7. TrumpetTom

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    I play on a Holton ST302, one of the Maynard Ferguson trumpets. it's a jazz trumpet but when i was trying out trumpets, it was the one with the best sound me and my dad thought. Can't remember exactly what I tried but there was definately a yamaha xeno (would've been my other choice) and a bach. I do both classical and jazz playing at Chetham's and my teacher said Holton trumpets were big before the bach stads became popular between orchestral players. Think he said he had one, but can't remember!