Which Trombone should I get?

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Josh Silvers, Sep 3, 2017.

  1. Josh Silvers

    Josh Silvers New Member

    Hi Band Geeks, my name is Josh Silvers and I am a rising 8th grade trumpet player that's been playing for 2-3 years on a King 601 USA model horn. I love band and I want to be a musician when I grow up. I am currently in my high school marching band, 1st chair in Jazz, and 1st/2nd chair in Concert. I will soon be taking a clarinet out on trial to see if I enjoy it, but I am also am interested in trombone. I would like a sub 200 dollar trombone and I have a question. Should I get a pBone or a cheap brass trombone? If a brass trombone, please give me a name and a short review. Any answers are greatly appreciated. Have a great day!
  2. 2nd tenor

    2nd tenor Well-Known Member

    Hi Josh, welcome to tmp. The good news is that this is typically a very welcoming forum with some really helpful members. However, and this is maybe bad news for you, this forum's members are almost exclusively based in the UK, almost all of them play their instruments in Brass Bands and less than say 20% of them have played a Trombone. A better place to ask your question would be the USA based Trombone forum.

    In answer to your question please don't buy a pbone as your regular player but buy a second hand brass instrument instead. In terms of budget for a Trombone $200 is not really enough to get much of an instrument worth playing. For a beginner Yamaha's YSL 354 is good as is King's 606 (a Conn Director is another name for it), both of them could last you for several years of your playing career and they are what I'd aim for. A Blessing Scholastic will get you started and with a Bach 6-1/2 AL mouthpiece will serve a beginner well enough for up to a couple of years, Jupiter’s jsl432 is a better instrument than the Blessing but not quite as good as the first I mentioned. The above is just my personal opinion only and your Band Director (Conductor) might have comments too.

    The key thing to remember in buying a Trombone is that the condition of the slide is crucial to how well it will be played, a slide that sticks or drags effectively stops you doing much and slide repair is not something that every repair shop can do well - it's an additional cost too and not a small one. After that ignore the cosmetics (scratches, loss of lacquer and minor bumps) and concentrate on what they sound like. With a bit of luck and a hard search you'll end up with something that fits the bill.
  3. Euphman2

    Euphman2 Active Member

    North Manchester
    I have a Coppergate Bb/F tenor trombone which cost me about £150 a few years ago. Got it from Gear4 music in York, England so the cost of getting it to USA may be prohibitive. However it serves me very well as it is my alternate instrument to euphonium. It does take a standard DW AL mouthpiece.
  4. T Bone Funky

    T Bone Funky New Member

    Hi Josh. Trombone player here.

    Depends how much you're going to be playing. Is this just going to be an instrument to have a toot on now and then or are you planning on playing trombone with groups, and if so what sort of standard? Are you looking for a straight trom or one with a trigger?

    You won't get much bang for your buck at $200 I'm afraid, even when looking at second hand instruments. The PBone is an obvious choice, however I wouldn't use this if you're going to be playing on a regular basis with a group as it's more of a practice instrument IMO, and produces a sound that's different to what you'd get form a metal instrument.
    The best cheap brass trombone for me is the Blessing Scholastic. It's not as big as a large boar trombone but as a trumpet player that should be to your liking due to the smaller shank and mouthpiece. I have one of these myself and use it for playing in my Oompah band and previously used it for Jazz and big band work. The upper register of the instrument is fantastic so it's perfect if you're playing top trombone in jazz band. The lower register isn't so good I find. It's light, produces a good sound (for the price) and plays well with a great slide. Jupiter trombones are ok and are available for a low price.

    If you're looking for something better though then you'll have to be prepared to pay more, even at second hand. You may be able to get a second hand Bach TB300 or something like that for about $500 if you shop around. You should be able to get a second hand Yamaha YSL 354E for around $500 too, youu can't go wrong with a Yamaha when it comes to their trombones. Those are both good, versatile trombones. If you want a really good instrument then a Conn 8H is what I'd recommend, but even at second hand you're looking at $500+ there.

    Shopping around is the key to buying second hand, you may get lucky and find a very good instrument for a god price somewhere.
  5. Josh Silvers

    Josh Silvers New Member

    Thanks everyone for the answers! I meant to say a 2nd hand trombone, i'm aware I can't get that much for 200. I was wanting one to be able to play for a couple years and to learn on. If I still like it, i will gladly upgrade. And I had know idea I was in the wrong forum, thanks for telling me.
  6. Andrew Norman

    Andrew Norman Active Member

    The Sunny Isle of Wight
    I would think that the King Tempo 606 would easily fit in your budget looking at USA prices on ebay. Great quality for a first instrument and to keep as a spare.
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