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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by davidwalton, Sep 13, 2006.

  1. Aidan

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    haha Alyn, you are such an e-thug, are you like that in real life discussions too?? I respect your opinion and that it is different to mine, but I'm not just going to blinker myself and keep on going until everyone sees things the way I do :p

    Hi Pete, mine's actually good on those G's, but I went through 5 before I found mine, I never noticed it as much as others seem to do though. My only problem is that C3-E3 is slightly flat, but that's because I play on a bit of a wierd mouthpiece, it's fine on other mouthpieces I've used.
    We were invited to go to France in early Dec to try those new Prestiges, but I can't really afford to take the time off work to do it at the moment, would be interested to hear from people that have tried them.
  2. Alyn James

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    haha Aidan..."e-thug"...just popped a rib cartilage laughing at that one. Are you that hilarious in real life too?? I respect your opinion and that it is different from mine (different from, similar to) but perhaps it's time for you to discard the blinkers and acknowledge that there aint a single instrument out there that doesn't need a tweak here and there.
    Get a trigger, use sunscreen and look after your knees (you'll miss them when they've gone).....:tup
  3. Aidan

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    not quite sure what you are hoping to achieve by trying to counter everything I say but hope you had fun doing it anyway :)
  4. Alyn James

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    You did ask me a question....(and don't forget the sunscreen) :tup
  5. VegasGeorge

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    Yeah, but it's so much easier to throw money at the problem!

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