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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Rambo, Apr 6, 2008.

  1. Rambo

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    Looking to purchase a Euphonium for my ten year old son.He is probably at grade 3/4 standard. Cannot decide whether to by a 'new' model or look for a better quality second hand instrument. Do not know enough about many of the makes available at reasonable prices so an looking for advice.
    Anyone got any advice on this matter?
  2. Vegasbound

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    I would always recomendbuying a better quality second hand model thank a new lessel quality instrument.

    Also something to think of is that if you have bought a good quality 2nd hand instrument, if your son does give up you get a good resale value if he keeps his enthusiasm you dont have to buy another instrument in a couple of years.
  3. agentorange

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    I'd agree with vegasbound, a quality second hand euph would be my recommendation. However it really depends on your budget. Quality doesn't come cheap, even second hand.
  4. Di B

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    There are lots of good makes but it does depend on your budget. Look for sovereigns - round badge especially or a yamaha maestro if you can afford either. Expect to pay 1200-2500. Both good instruments that should be able to play at grade 8 standard and sell well. Whatever you do... Get a compensating instrument and a 4 valve instrument. Tuning and low notes will be a problem otherwise. Check for any holes in the instrument (you will hear a slight hissing noise if your son plays) and make sure the values are very easy to move which will help to play faster pieces. Hope this helps.
  5. Mark Bousie

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    If you can find a good second hand euphonium (make) in good shape at a price that is right for you then I would recommend that.

    However there are some pretty decent new models out at the moment at very competitive prices. As previously mentioned the compensated factor is an important issue.

    If you can get hold of this week's British Bandsman I've just reviewed 4 different makes of student/budget euphoniums. You may find this helpful.
  6. spyder

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    hey Rambo, ain't that a kiddies one you're using!!
    rekersal 2morrow - yipee
  7. Rambo

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    I only bought it cause it was shiny and had lots of bits that moved!
    God how good might I be if I had a proper one:D
    See you tomorrow, feel like a big kid, excited about going to rehearsals.
  8. JesTperfect!

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    I did, and I don't even play Euphonium :p

    Seriously, was very good review. Most enlightening.
    However, being but a humble cornet player, I have no idea what 'fully/non-fully compensating means. Can someone inform me?
  9. Rambo

    Rambo Member

    Fully compensated means it comes complete with ear muffs to protect the player from the duff notes blasted at us from the cornet bench, non- compensated means we have to sit and suffer!:p ;)
  10. spyder

    spyder New Member

    I htought "compensated" meant you payed me (in beer tokens) for having to tolerate naff euph playing!!

    And surely you don't include sop players in your remarks. Play loud and it will always sound right - thats my motto
  11. Rambo

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    Thats it spydercould never dream of including the hallowed sop in my comments! but I think you have the saying about sops slightly wrong.......... isn't it blow quiet always play flat blow loud always play sharp:p
  12. spyder

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    Rambo - all I can say to that is - OWCH. Besides - its not the player its always the instument!!
  13. Rambo

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    what you need is one of those fancy buttons that you press to move your main tuning slide!!!!!
  14. Rambo

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    Thanks to all who gave advice, I have found a lovely instrument for him, a second hand soveriegn Euph that I am sure will do him for many years to come. I just hope he can develop into as good a player as the Euphoniums previous owner!;) :D :eek:
  15. tut tut, i dont know, you brass players behave like children! why cant you behave like us grown up drummers......sorry percussionists......;)
  16. agentorange

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    Congratulations on a superb choice.:clap: