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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by shezza, Jun 10, 2011.

  1. shezza

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    Hi all, I am a new comer to the cornet, and have a used Besson 600 with a Dennis Wick 4a mouthpiece, is this mouthpiece ok for a beginner or should I purchase a different one, if so what would you reccomend......................Pete.
  2. tgfoxley

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    I wasn't aware Wick made a 4A - 4 and 4.5 yes but not a 4A?

    Anyway, I think the majority of people start on a 4B or 4, and I think Besson Sovereigns used to come with a 4B mouthpiece, so around a number 4 is the 'usual' place to start I suppose.

    Then again, everyone's embouchre and playing needs are different, hence the large range of mouthpieces available! I wouldn't purchase a different one, you'll be fine starting on a 4' ', and then you might want to change later on.
  3. AndrewL

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    I would play with the one that came with the cornet for the first 6-12 months. If you have a Wick 4b this is quite popular with beginners anyway.
  4. MicahParsons

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    I Guess a MouthPiece is a Personal thing (like buying a Car) Its what suits your needs try as many different Mouthpieces as possible and make your decision from the best one that you like personally (go with what you feel is best).
  5. Despot

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    Think you mean Denis Wick 4B! Bog standard cornet mouthpiece - stick with it for now!

    (BTW the Besson 600 was actually sold with a Besson 7, which I always found good with beginners also.)
  6. Music-mitch

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    I think as a begginer you should play on the 4B Denis Wick Cornet mothpice.

    Then when you get to Better move onto a Denis Wick 4 because it give a Cornet a lovely tone!