Which Kelly mouthpiece for Yamaha Euph?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by SweEuph, Jun 15, 2007.

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    I’m a Euphonium player from Sweden and this is my first post on this splendid forum.

    I'm having some trouble with (what looks like) cold sores on my lips and have therefore bought a plastic Kelly mouthpiece. It’s size 5G and should supposedly fit my Yamaha euphonium, but it didn’t. My Yamaha YEP 321 have a quite small shank and the mouthpiece was to large.

    Now that I'm taking it back to the store, I'm wonder about the different sizes. Does anyone know which of Kelly’s mouthpieces are suitable for a Yamaha YEP 321? If so, what difference in sound do they produce?

    I play all kinds of music – marches, jazz, pop songs – and I like to play it loud. I would like to improve my higher playing though, so I guess a shallow mouthpiece would be good. But on the other hand, I like to have a distinct tone and I’ve read that a deep piece allows for better precision. My current Yamaha mouthpiece is size 48.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Di

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    Hi there and :hi for the forum. :)

    The Kelly website (here) shows the specifications for the mouthpieces including their shank size. It shows that there is a 5G European (smaller) and 5G (Large shank). It looks, on the surface, like a straight forward mistake of selling you the wrong 5G!

    Quite a peculiar idea to have two mouthpieces with the same ID code where such mistakes can be easily made.

    Hope you manage to get this sorted and get one that works for you. :)
  3. Bass Trumpet

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    They also do a 51D which I think is a copy of a Schilke 51D mouthpiece. It will be a bit deeper than the 5G.
  4. SweEuph

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    Thanks for the tips. I'll go to the shop tomorrow and exchange my current Kelly piece with the 51D (with the smaller shank). If I like it I'll might buy a gold plated Shilke 51D over the Internet. They don't have them here in Sweden, only Denis Wick.
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  5. Bass Trumpet

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    You could try googling Mouthpiece Express. They're an American company but are happy to ship all over the world and their prices are very competitive. I personally use a Schilke 51D for the trombone, but for the euphonium I use a 52D - not much difference, just slightly bigger. I got the 52D from Mouthpiece Express quite recently and they gold plated the rim for me and sent it very quickly.

    The US version of ebay is always worth looking at, too.

    Best of luck!
  6. SweEuph

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    Now I''ve been to the shop and swapped the mouthpiece. The only mouthpiece that fit my euphonium was a transparent 6 1/2 AL. I played with it yesterday and it sound quite okay. It was a bit harder to hit the notes, but I guess it takes some time to adjust. I could play higher and louder though, which is kind of good (not for my fellow musicians...).
  7. Kelly Mouthpieces

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    Sorry I didn't get to pipe in sooner - we make three sizes of euphonium mouthpieces. The Yamaha-321 uses the smallest of the three (small-shank) The corresponding mouthpiece to your Yamaha-48 is our 6-1/2AL. Apparently you've already got it all figured out.
    The other two sizes are European-shank (for older Besson, Cerveny, Willson..) and large-shank which fits nearly all of the newer euphoniums as well as large-bore trombones.
    Anything else - please give a holler.
    Jim Kelly
  8. Di

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    Holler! ;)

    Tenor horn mouthpieces. There are several members, and many more who are not members I'm sure, crying out for a tenor horn mouthpiece. Can you please shed any light as to when/if these will be available.

    Cheers. :)
  9. Kelly Mouthpieces

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    To answer the "if" part - yes they are coming. To answer the "when" part - our staff has taught me to wait until they're available before giving specific dates...
  10. Di

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    Thanks Jim.

    We'll continue to "watch this space" then. :)