Which is the best valve oil?

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  1. Bbmad

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    Which is the best valve oil?
  2. Cornet Nev.

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    Oh boy, this question has been asked a good few years ago, the only conclusive answer after everyone had their say is a valve oil that works for you.
  3. Tom-King

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    Depends on the instrument and how tight the valves are (certain manufacturers manufacture them tighter than others, old/well used instruments can be well worn).

    For my Yamaha cornets (Xeno sop, Maestro Bb) I haven't found anything I like better than Ultrapure - it's quick and doesn't smell awful (some oils, especially bluejuice and holton, are so noxious you can taste it whilst playing - can't stand it). The Denis Wick stuff isn't bad.

    Try a few (they're cheap), see what works best for you and then apply regularly (atleast once a week even if you're only getting it out at band practices).
  4. 2nd tenor

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    Interesting point that. I expect that replies will tend to assume a small and young instrument (say a cornet) with valves in good condition, they would be of questionable help when your Eb Bass is older than you and 'well used'. So what works well on the bigger and older instruments?
  5. Tom-King

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    Something thicker - a light synthetic (like ultrapure) wouldn't work as well.

    Yamaha does a 'vintage' (or something like that) for older instruments, Hetman have a good thicker oil too.
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    It's strangely reassuring to see that a thread started as a wind up is developing nicely into a full blown tMP geek fest :clap:
  7. 2nd tenor

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    The Yamaha stuff (Vintage Valve Oil) can be found here: http://www.trevadamusic.co.uk/brass/accessories/oils-lubricants/yamaha/synthetic-vintage-valve-oil . I have no connection to the company at all, the site just gives a better description than some others.

    The Hetman stuff (Hetman Classic Piston Lubricant No 3) can be found here: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Hetman-Classic-Piston-Lubricant-3/dp/B0002F7ITO. Like nearly everyone else I do use Amazon but other than that have no connection with them, the site just gives a better description than some others.

    I was sure someone would have some good ideas. I wasn't sure whether 3 in 1 one or WD40 would be included (by some Jocker??) as suitable for the bigger old and worn stuff we sometimes use.
  8. GJG

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    Castrol GTX, perhaps?
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    Ah,yes, I see Bb mad likes to start up threads as a wind up and watch 'em go!
  10. 2nd tenor

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    No, seriously, for the old and worn instruments I would like to know what you can get away with that's better than spit and less expensive than the proper stuff. As a slide user my knowledge of valves is decades old and the bass I played then was many decades old, but that's what you often get as a youth and in the lowest section(s), and you need to make it work.
  11. John_D

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    I can remember a young lad learning with a band I played with many moons ago turning up one night with his dad, Dad explained that the young lad hadn't been able to practice as the valves wouldn't work on his cornet, even after dad had put fresh vaseline on them !
  12. 2nd tenor

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    :):):) :clap::clap: Thanks, best laugh of the day. Lucky Lad though in a way, at least the Dad was trying to help and no harm done bar a few red faces.
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    Can I ask that this thread is deleted. It is just being used as free advertising. Lots of products are available, and as we have been told by moderators on other threads identifying an individual cannof be tolerated !

    Seems only fair to me.
  14. PeterBale

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    As anyone is free to contribute to the discussion, I don't see any need to interfere - any other manufacturers are quite welcome to chip in regarding their products.
  15. Cornet Nev.

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    So far as I can see, no one has yet contributed to this thread who actually is a representative of any valve oil manufacturer, only recommendations from people who have used various products, so I feel that is fair enough. Everyone is entitled to an opinion about a product, and that can be said and quite often is about makes of instrument, here we are only discussing lubricant.
    My own view is that any valve oil is a much better thing than spitting on the valves, disgusting for one, and also can encourage corrosion for the other.
  16. Ianroberts

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    Get redoctober to comment and the thread is history ! ;)
  17. 2nd tenor

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    Listed best sellers and price per bottle before P&P from a well known supplier of instruments and accessories (Google search ‘brass valve oil’ and scan down the first page of results)

    Rocket Professional Valve Oil, 1.25 fl oz, £2.50 (£2.00 per fl oz)
    Holton Electric Valve Oil, 1.6 fl oz, £4.38 (£2.74 per fl oz)
    Blue Juice, 2 fl oz, £3.98 (£1.99 per fl oz)
    Al Cass Fast Valve Oil, 2 fl oz, £4.99 (£2.50 per fl oz)
    Dennis Wick Advanced Formula, 1.69 fl oz £5.29 (£3.13 per fl oz)

    Lifted from the same site by the author talking about the oils he sells:

    So Which One is Right for Me?
    If you want my honest opinion, I don’t think it really matters. All of the oils above will do the trick so whichever you choose it shouldn’t let you down. No doubt you’ll have friends or colleagues who’ve had good and bad experiences with some of the above and that will probably influence your choice. However, a lot of the time it’s not actually the fault of the oil, more lack of maintenance by the player. Regular cleaning is arguably more important than the oil you choose! Don’t just keep applying fresh oil on top of old as eventually it will congeal and any new oil applied will make things worse rather than better. Clean your valves and valve casing out every couple of months and whichever oil you opt for should do the job just fine.

    Based on the above I’d go for ‘Rocket’ for the big, old and worn instruments I have in mind. It’s the cheapest bottle to buy and not expensive. Although Blue Juice is the same price per fl oz there are some folk who feel it can ‘gum’ valves up in the longer term; so (IMHO) it’s simpler to go for something that’s just pure clear oil.
  18. 2nd tenor

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    James is, I feel sure, a very experience musician and could make a really helpful comment on this topic if he wanted to. James makes many comments and they don't make threads history, well only rarely. Now stop being horrid to Red or rather than his fiance contacting you it will be the man himself who (rightly IMHO) corrects you ;) .
  19. Cornet Nev.

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    2nd tenor, you are correct, keeping the instrument clean is the most important bit, and I don't mean a wipe over the outside. I have heard of players complaining their instrument doesn't sound as good as it used to. When finally persuaded to flush and clean the inside, the inevitable dirt and junk, maybe even including the kitchen sink comes out. They just haven't been given the correct instructions for maintaining their instrument, or been to idle too actually do it.
    It helps to have a decent cleaning kit of inner tubing brushes as well, I have one similar to this, though there are many others on sale.


    I also agree about the oils, for the average thinner oils for new or nearly new instruments their isn't much difference apart from the price. Though some can have a quite petrol sort of smell which can be a bit off putting.
  20. bsdunek

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    Anybody use BiNaK 495? http://www.binak.com/ I love the stuff. It's a little thicker than Al Cass Fast, and lasts forever. I play an alto/tenor horn made in 1917. It's in good shape and plays great, but I'm sure it's a little worn. This stuff works for me.