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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by WhatSharp?, Apr 1, 2004.

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    Having recently having to claim on my insurance for repairs I began wondering which insurance companies people use and what they think of them. This is also relevant to bands since my band will be looking to renew their insurance and it would be interesting to see what peoples experience of them are.

    Currently I'm with MusicGuard (a division of Pavillion insurance) and though they have been quite good they are a little on the slow side when it comes to claims. Not sure who the band is with (can't remember, not BBIS) but our experience with them has exactly been great.
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    Both my Tuba and Bass Trombone are insured with british Reserve (Allianz Cornhill) and they've been great. They replaced my bass trom within 3 days when mine was damaged, and reconditioned my tuba after it was stolen and recovered, all with no fuss.
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    I have my trombone on my house insurance, and they seem happy enough to pay for its repairs. I don't think I have any need to get specialist musical instrument insurance (they might say things like "well that was a stupid thing to do with a trombone...")

    Anyway, I don't really know about the band situation...
  5. just insured my instrument with bbis. chraged me half what every else wanted to!
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    Did you read the small print? I notice that Allianz Cornhill cover includes things like instrument cases, which BBIS appears not to do. And given that cases cost a fair amount in themselves, and that if someone is going to nick your instrument, they're unlikely to take it out of its case first, it seems a prudent thing to insure the case too.
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    Yes, they do!! Thats the only problem with going through your household insurance - 99% of the people you deal with won't have a clue what you're talking about!

    I used to work in claims, and had to stop someone sending out a fraud investigator on a claim for trombone because they assumed the customer was lying about the circumstances (completely mangled when he fell over at the Whit Fridays! :lol: ) and the replacement price - they'd seen Brassed Off and couldn't believe a "lump of metal" would cost more than a few hundred quid! D'oh!
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    Home insurance is fine but there is another thing it won't cover and that is professional use.
    For example, if you've just got of the cruise ship after 3 months away, don't expect them to pick up the bill if you drop your horn over the gangplank on the way off.
    Or if you damage your Euph walking off the set of the latest english film about the miners strike.
    Or if you are a renowned paid soloist.

    Only saving grace here is that there are few band people in the world of brass band insurance claims!

    (25 yrs in the insurance business & original designer of the Abbey Associates brass band scheme)