Which gig bag?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by euphfanhan, Apr 20, 2005.

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    I have a besson prestige euph and I need my own gig bag as I have been using my bands one, but need to return their instrument. I have been looking at protec ones as they have shoulder straps, but I wasn't sure if they would fit a prestige in. I am aware it would be best to use a hard case, but as I do a lot of walking with it, its not really practical, as the case weighs as much as the instrument. Just wondered which brand people preferred?
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    Don't use a Winter Soundwear bag. I've found they split along the seams very easily
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    ^ is a great gig bag. I got one in my first year at uni (1997) and it's still going strong. I've also got a GIG bag (rucksack type thingie) which is also mega, I tend to use that one at contests as you can cram loads of stuff in it (change of clothes and beverages etc!!) but it is not as protective as the reunion blues one.
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    I know exactly what you mean!! I have a gig bag for my euph- but its just plain black and as i got it second hand i cant really reccomend where to find one! But i would say that you do need a hard case for travelling- wouldnt dare put mine in the back of a bus in a gig bag! I use my gig bag a lot, it does make it easier to carry, but i have to admit it isnt always best for the instrument! - my advice would be to smile sweetly and persuade someone else to carry the heavy hard case- it works for me at every contest! :)

    while we are on the subject of cases- one of the zip's on my prestige case is completely knackered! I am not impressed!......and then i find out a new case is going to cost me somewhere in the region of £400!! Hmmm!! i can't understand how its broken, euph is 4 years old, but as i have just explained, i only use the case when travelling. not impressed!-good job it has 2 zip's, otherwise i would be very cross!! (putting it politely!)
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    I don't nessecarily need a protective gig bag as I tend to either walk or travel on trains where I can keep it with me, and if I take it to contests I use the hard case. The link looked promising though :clap:
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    Reunion Blues makes very good gig bags - they used to make great gig bags before they moved their operation out of San Francisco. They main guy in their SF business, Glenn Cronkhite, now makes his own gig bags based on the original RB designs (with a few improvements). They're not cheap but they're wonderful and they'll last for ever.

    You can read about them (and other low brass gig bags) at www.hornguys.com
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    I would recommend the Gig Bags, er, gig bags, but it seems they don't currently make a euphonium model, which is a pity.
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    This happened to mine, as I carried it around lots and concentrated on taking care of the instrument not the case :rolleyes: A quick ring to Besson by my local music shop to say how disgusted I was that a zip had bust up within the first year of purchase (although I didn't ring until I had it about 1 yr 1/2) got me a brand spanking new case sent to my local music shop. It was still under guarantee too though, but may be worth a try! ;)