Which Cornet?

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    Hi gang,

    Okay firstly I know there as many answers to this question as there are players, I also know that to an extent you get what you pay for but please bear with me.

    I have played an Odyssey Premier for the last year and things have cropped up (plating wear on the triggers and some form of corrosion on the tuning slide) which makes me worry about its longevity although I do like the sound and the playabilty of the instrument. It is still under gaunrantee and being sorted this week. However I am now on the wagon so as to save money for a replacement. (a lolipop man/dinner man has to watch the budget)

    Now, I know Besson and Yamaha as "names" also I have heard decent reports on Geneva. my confusion starts when I look at the John Packer 371SW (I had a JP 251SW tr****t and liked the horn but I am really a cornet hack) and the higher end Virtuossi instruments. It has been suggested that I should look for Besson Sov second hand as I am looking toward grade7, but knowing my luck I'll find one of the bad ones mentioned on 4barrest.

    In all honesty I have suffered from depression and my music is my rock so I am a bit down today finding my cornet not at its best :(

    Any thoughts would be much appreciated

    Thanks in advance

  2. Rapier

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    The John Packer sw cornet actually plays very well and is certainly worth considering.
  3. its_jon

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    John Packer SW cornet playes nealy as good as my Smith Watkins.

    SOv or Yam , you are looking at decent metal. 1980's SOv if you can find it ;)

    Sov with possibly better tone, the Yam with more accurate or cleaner slotting.

    If I could trade my Smith Watkins today it would be for an Eclipse or Taylor. ...Or..... a good 1980's SOv
  4. tpcornet12

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    I have a 1987 Besson Sov 928 large bore and wouldn't change it for anything
  5. cornyandy

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    Thanks for the quick replies guys, I'm headign for Darlington on Sunday, as an RI groupie so I might get chance to look at the trade stands as well.


  6. GordonH

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    I have a late 80's 928 Sovereign that I bought fairly cheaply, had renovated and bought a new case for. Total cost was about £600. probably better than a new one as the valves are all correctly aligned. Just a question of waiting for the right one to come along.

    One comment though: the Sovereign 928 is a large instrument and very free blowing. Don;t overlook the 927 which is the narrower version. It may suit you better. It would probably suit me better!
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    My band has just bought 9 brand new cornets. We've got the new B&S Challenger II cornets. They're not well known in Britain but they're fantastic. They're very similar to Sovereigns, and the quality is great - all properly made in Germany.

    Tuning is really good across all the range of the instrument and they're also really pretty (silver with gold bits!). Also, if you happen to play trumpet, there is a mouthpiece adaptaor that comes with it which means you can use a trumpet mouthpiece with the cornet - something which orchestral players might be interested in for cornet parts in orchestras.

    Price wise, they're much cheaper than Sovereigns, about 3/4 of the price. I used to play on a Sovereign but I love the new B&S cornet. It's fab.
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    Best cornet I know of is the Schilke XA1, however I can't really recommend it because,

    a) it's pretty much one of the most expensive, and
    b) it doesn't blend especially well in a section of more commonly used instruments.

    No help at all, really, then ...
  11. talant

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    Dont be depressed! i am selling a brand new xeno for £1100 (starting bid) £1000 loss ouch.
  12. simonpohare

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    £1100 for a xeno is too good to be missed. I play one and it is perfect.
    JP371s are excellent but how well their siver plate lasts remains to be seen. But it is a fantastic cornet for the money. The valves are amazing.
    If you're at school you should be able to avail of an 'Assisted instrument purchase scheme' and therefore shouldn't have to pay VAT on a new instrument.
    (buy the xeno!)
  13. cornyandy

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    Sorry talent, can't oblige, it's going to be a year long save up unless I can offload some bits and pieces like golf clubs and other such. I jus really need to start my research now and buy right and I thank everyone above for their input. Simonpohare, the only way I am at school is with work (part time two jobs) but thanks for the support.