Which Computer Sequencing program is best?

Discussion in 'Computer Corner' started by G D Bush, Jul 2, 2011.

  1. G D Bush

    G D Bush Member

    Need some advice-

    I want to get back into using my PC to make music, with a normal MIDI keyboard set up. I used to use Cubase back in the dark ages, and Sibelius for score writing.

    As I've been out of the loop (pardon the pun!) for a while I am now wondering what is the best software to use?

    I've got limited knowledge of sequencing, so nothing too complicated and something thats fairly user friendly please!

    From what i've seen around my choices seem to be from:

    Band in a Box
    Cakewalk Sonar
    Pro Tools LE8
    Cubase 5

    Or have i missed something else?

    Any experience with any of the above? Whats the best one to get?

  2. KMJ Recordings

    KMJ Recordings Supporting Member

    I'm out on a session atm....but I'd suggest looking at Reaper....
  3. BeFlat

    BeFlat New Member

    I would second that suggestion...I use Reaper and I find it far better to use than Cubase. It can be downloaded and tried without any limitations what so ever. The forum is very active and helpful also...if you need any advice or help. Good luck :)
  4. euphsrock

    euphsrock Member

    I use Logic and Sibelius depending on what I want to do.
    Logic is only available for Mac now so that is something to consider.