Wheres your website?

Discussion in 'Computer Corner' started by benjaminuk, Feb 28, 2009.

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    Or alternatively, visit http://ibew.co.uk/ and save yourself the time of trawling through this thread!
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    http://www.daventrybrass.co.uk is ours/my creation... I'm in the process of revamping slightly but progress is slow between work/riding my bike/band!
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    Hey romeo.john, link doesn't work for me?
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    Dave, works from my own pc, but maybe in my cache'. try the full domain
    If still no good, try typing in address bar.
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    Yeah, that works now. Just thought you should know! Nice website and congrats on your result! Only gripe is that i think there should be some way of closing the news bit about the result - users may want to read whats behind it.
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    Yeh Dave, just a bit of self indulgence ! Thanks for your congrats.
    I will change it again in a few days, I do the website on my own, with self taught background, so not sure how I could make those cloud shapes close.
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    Good for being self taught! I'm self taught as well, tend to find if you want to do something, google what you want to do and there'll be an answer! :biggrin:
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    We have a cracking website, which is superbly updated more-or-less every week by Ruth Hayhurst, one of our horn players.
    Well done Ruth!!!
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    Agreed Dave.
    I think another interesting topic in this thread would be what "web design" software do people use.
    I use an older version of Dreamweaver ( MX 2004). I like the flexibility of page configuration, but only use the basics as its very deep. I have not yet got my head around the use of mysql and database applications yet. My site is based on FRAMES which I know is old hat now but I still like the ability to fix the navigation panel.
    I suppose I'll need to get round to change the design as soon as I can.
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    Funny !!!! the email that came from themouthpiece said cornerstonebrass.com.
    This is a site that sells all thing brass and is nothing to do with bands.
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    That's what I used, but I've switched to Dreamweaver 8 now, just a little bit more pretty to use! mysql and php is my next topic I want to learn - I've created some using tutorials but on my own wouldn't have a hope!!! Used to use frames too for that very reason but got scared away from it reading about how people could end up linking from search sites to say the top frame or left frame, and not the whole frameset! It's all good though!