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  1. Wow, this site has almost as steep a learning curve as Finale! I've been poking around for a couple of weeks, and I still haven't found the mythical FAQs. Also, what is the arcade? When you click on someone's name, you can "Challenge in the Arcade." And what do the stars under a person's avatar mean? I've seen yellow and green stars, and some people have one star and others, two.

  2. Newbie

    Oh--and how long will I be a "Newbie?" And what are the different designations, and what do they mean? I've seen "tMP friend," "tMP Supporter," "tMP Supermoderator," etc.

    If I advertise on your site, am I automatically a supporter? What are the rates, anyway? (Not that I will be doing this right away, but I'd be interested for future reference.) And are those mountains in Philip Sparke's banner actually in the UK? ;)

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    Link to the tMP Rules and the tMP Arcade ("fun @ tMP") are also available on the top of every page
    For other things like there is the "how to" forum... There should already be some threads about the Rankings (newbie, tMP friend and so on) and the Reputation system (the stars). And if you go to the "paid subscriptions" page in your User Control Panel, you will find information about how to become a "supporter"

    I don't know about the mountains in the banner though... ;)
  5. Faq

    I don't see the FAQ link anywhere, but I used the link in the earlier post to find it. I find it a bit awkward though. Sometimes, you may not know the question to ask, so it might be helpful to be able to browse the FAQ without having to enter a search query. Didn't see a way to do that, even by not entering a word in the search bar.

  6. Stickies

    I was also going to suggest making some of the notable "How to" threads stickies so they will appear without having to do a search.

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    Hi Aaron

    Please do.. we always welcome comments and feedback and try to implement changes as soon as we can. Welcome to tMP and I look forward to reading (and maybe implementing) your suggestions.

  8. Faq

    I changed my skin preference from "Forum default" to "default" and what do you know? There's the FAQ link on the main bar! You might want to check into that. Appears to be missing from "Forum default" skin.