Where does the Solo Horn player sit?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Elwood, Jan 24, 2016.

  1. Elwood

    Elwood New Member

    Just out of interest. Whereabouts in your band does the solo horn player sit? Is it next to the flugel player, next to the baritones or where? Also, what seating arrangement do the horn players use? Is it Solo:1st:2nd or
    2nd:1st:Solo? Maybe a strange question, but I'm curious.
  2. Tom-King

    Tom-King Well-Known Member

    In front of troms, pposite bumper up (flugel opposite principal).
  3. midlandman

    midlandman Member

    Seating has never been rigid and I have played in bands with:
    Flug next to bottom solo cornet round to 2nd horn
    Flug opposite top cornet (bar & Euph in front of bass section)
    The cornet section in a semi-circle flug far left horns bar Euph Troms second semi Bass at back

    The reasons for set up are as many as well
    Contest piece
    Need to have X close to me! ( conductor)

    Some scores assume a certain set up (fire in the blood assumes Euph on right side of conductor)
    Wasn't there a contest piece that has a layout in the score?

    With the many innovations to make a concert more visually attractive formations can even change in a concert.
  4. LynneW

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  5. swisscornet

    swisscornet Member

    I my band I have Solo-Cornets, Flugel, Solo-Horn, 1st and 2nd Horn. Some bands have it the other way round, meaning Solo-Cornets, 2nd, 1st, Solo-Horn and Flugel. I have also seen bands which have Solo-Cornets, Flugel, 2nd, 1st and Solo-Horn. Depends what the conductor wants........
  6. mikelyons

    mikelyons Supporting Member

    It can also depend on the music. Test pieces seem to sometimes require the Flugel to play with the back row while at other times they are written as if (quite rightly IMHO) they are part of the horn section. There are really no hard and fast rules about it these days.
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  7. Euphman2

    Euphman2 Active Member

    Midlandman I think you may be referring to Revelation where a specific instrument layout was in the programme for the Free Trade Hall contest in Manchester in 1994 (I think).
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  8. nethers

    nethers Active Member

    Wilby likes to play with the seating - see Atlantic, Red Priest etc.

    I have played in bands that have used pretty much every permutation of horn seatings, I have my own preference, but not a strong enough feeling to object when bands choose to it differently.
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  9. DS2014

    DS2014 Active Member

    No matter where the horns sit, it appears everyone else has to keep quiet so that they can be heard. Looking forward to the design of the first tenor horn that comes with an integrated Marshall amplifier.
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  10. MissBraz

    MissBraz Active Member

    That's a little harsh and stereotypical.......
  11. DS2014

    DS2014 Active Member

    Oh, I don't think it's harsh. It's an opinion established from years of playing in brass bands. For some reason, tenor horns always seem particularly susceptible to being drowned out. As regards stereotypical, well, I suppose it is, but then stereotypes usually only become stereotypes because they are something that has been experienced many times.
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  12. Matthew

    Matthew Active Member

    On a chair, normally...;)

    Sorry, I'll get my coat! :oops:
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  13. GJG

    GJG Well-Known Member

    All the variants of the usual seating arrangements have advantages and disadvantages. The only ideal solution is to get rid of all the chairs and stands completely, and for everyone to memorise all of the music so that people can move around the stage in order to achieve the best layout for each segment of the music. (Before everyone dismisses it out of hand, it has been done ... )
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