Where do I go to buy Band uniforms - help please!

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    We're looking to buy a new set of 30-35 band blazers/walking-out jackets with our logo stitched onto the pocket. Our preferred colour is charcoal grey.

    I'm really struggling to find decent a selection of possible suppliers.

    Has anyone had any recent experience with value for money suppliers??
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  3. TheMusicMan

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    Contact Roger Handley of RJ Handley.
  4. michellegarbutt

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    We had fantastic service from Crest Identity. The blazers started at around £20 including the embroidery and they're machine washable. Sizes go from age 4 up to 54 inch chest.They also do matching ties, t shirts, sweat shirts, baseball caps etc. details are
    Crest Identity Ltd
    Stockton Rd, Hartlepool, Cleveland TS25 1RW
    Tel: 01429 233533

    if you phone ask to speak to Graham and mention Murton Band. You'll get great service and quotes.
  5. sugarandspice

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    When Pendennis got new Uniforms he came down for a few days. Had loads to choose from, that was the problem- it tool ages to decide what we wanted!
    He was great at fixing my jacket too when it came back too big! :tup
  6. Di

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    Hi. There's one or two good recommendations here.

    Good luck. ;)
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    Contact Roger Handley of R J Handley, Leeds.

    I have recently taken delivery of a new Stanhope Silver Band uniform from them. This is the 4th. they have supplied me with over the years - all fitted perfectly.

    Roger and his staff are efficient and friendly as well as offering excellent value for money. He will visit your bandroom by arrangement WITHOUT charge.

    The 'Rolls Royce' type supplier of uniforms!

    Keith Quinn

  8. WoodenFlugel

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    Hey Antony :)

    For your stage jackets I'd give another shout for Handley's, which is where Wigston got theirs from the other year. They're not the cheapest by a long way, but the quality is excellent and Roger Handley's service is second to none. We did look at other, cheaper alternatives, but the quality was very iffy to say the least, so we decided to bite the bullet and buy the best that we saw. Recently we had to buy another couple of jackets for new players, and Handley's turned them round really quickly and they match the others exactly.

    For walking out jackets, try one of the many workwear suppliers about (people that make Bank staff uniforms etc) who will be more than happy to help you I'm sure. You'll get an off the peg teflon coated blazer for a lot less than a bespoke one will cost you. And they'll be hard wearing and more resistant to random beer stains and the like.
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    Band Uniforms

    Handleys is foremost the First Choice, :tup it is everything that as been said plus I was shown round the premises and again a Perfect fit on arrival.:clap:
  10. sugarandspice

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    Has Ian told you that his Jacket is so special it even sparkles!.......Supposedly! :(
  11. Liz Courts

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    Handleys for definite! Very friendly and helpful service. :tup
  12. a_szafranek

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    Thanks to you all for your recommendations, they've been very useful.

    For clarification, we're actually after some walking out jackets. We bought some stage jackets last year (from Handleys, who are top-class and quality - we've sweated wearing them this Summer!). Phase 2, however, is the walking out jackets.

    Doing a search on the t'internet on 'blazers, uniforms etc' brings up so much ****. The school uniform places don't really want to give us the time of day. they're too busy selling a 1000 jackets to a local school, especially this time of year. So any specific names for the work wear companies would be appreciated....

  13. michellegarbutt

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    As I've mentioned above try Crest Identity. they supply school uniforms work wear etc. But they were extremely helpful to us. I've even gone in and ordered 2 ties or 1 t shirt and they're happy to do this for me. We even bought our stand banners through them. It's not something they supply as a rule but I showed them one. They then got a dressmaker to make them up and they embroidered them.So we ended up with a superb set of banners for roughly half the price Handleys wanted to charge us. They garunteed to beat any other quote I could get for our walk outs and they did. I have recommended them to 2 other local bands who were looking for walkouts, both placed orders and were extremely happy with the service.
  14. 2nd Position

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    Definitely, we have had a range of uniform and none uniform leisure wear from Handleys, all great quality, and value, but probably the oustanding thing is the service they give. Most companies work hard to match this, but here it is natural, and much appreciated.
  15. TheMusicMan

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    • Alexander James, - suppliers of traditional tailored brass band uniforms - 6 Mossfield Road, Pendlebury, Manchester M27 2EN, Tel: +44 (0) 161 793 6340, Fax: +44 (0) 161 728 4661
    • Alston Press (Music folios, banners, library bags, march folios, book binding services and lithographic printing etc.), Purdon Street, Bury, Lancashire, BL9 5HA. Tel: 0161-797-5500
    • Black Cat Music - supply a comprehensive range of music facility equipment: music stands, orchestra seating, instrument storage equipment, conductor's equipment, choral risers, music folders, and more
    • Butt Quick Services, Sialkot, Punjab, Pakistan - hand-embroidered badges and other decorative uniform wear
    • Charnwood Ties, - woven & printed ties, badges etc.
    • City Embroiders, - Pakistan
    • Ellistrations, - full service custom embroidery business - 3836 Walhampton Dr., Lexington, KY, USA
    • Figura Profil - Norway
    • Fox & Chave Silk Ties
    • Get Smart Uniforms Ltd, 655 Roundhay Road, Oakwood, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS8 4BA - Tel: 0113-293-5180, Fax: 0113-216-9955
    • Grants - the online tailor, Unit 2, East Street Mills, East Street, Leeds, LS9 8DW - Tel/Fax: 0113-245-6209
    • Guthrie Woods - (Uniforms), Canada
    • Hedley's Marching Band Art - lettering/signwriting & badgework completed on drums, drum skins and bannerettes. Badges also designed
    • Hedley's Marching Band Art (2) - lettering and badge work added to the drums and drum heads of marching bands
    • International House of Badges - manufacturers and exporters of all sorts of badges and embroidered work - Sialkot 51310, Pakistan
    • M. Hand & Company, Ltd. - (Goldlacemen and Embroiderers - suppling gold thread embroidery, lace, braid and embroidered badges for uniforms etc.), 25 Lexington Street, London, W1R 3HQ, Tel: 0207 437 4917
    • R&J Handley Ltd - (Brass Band Uniforms), 27-29 Barkston House, Croydon Street, Leeds, LS11 9RT - Tel: 0113-245-7008, Fax: 0113-245-7009
    • Hoffman Associates - Specialists for music stand banners; also neckties, badges, flags and pennants - Unit 1, Black Rigg, Roweltown, Carlisle, CA6 6JP, Tel: 016977-48261, Fax: 016977-48104 [​IMG]
    • Leisurewear Direct Ltd - (embroidery specialists, uniforms, banners, stand/banner boxes etc.) Buxton, Derbyshire. Tel: 01298 74737
    • Mapac Group - suppliers of music folders and music bags - Unit 6, Mowat Estate, Sandown Road, Watford, Herts, WD24 7UZ, Tel: 01923 255525 [​IMG]
    • Musette - Music Miniature Jewelry
    • Network Promotions, - club and corporate neckties & promotional items
    • Pronto Tailoring - Band Uniforms, 225 Elliott Street, Tyldesley, Manchester, M29 8DG, Tel: 01942-879581, Fax: 01942-894579
    • QC Designs - Bespoke monograms and promotional embroidery (shirts, jackets, hats etc.) - The Noddle, Scapegoat Hill, Huddersfield, HD7 4NS. Tel: 01484-647-146 [​IMG]
    • School Colours - uniforms supplier - including brass bands
    • Seppi Ties
    • Tailshop.com - Tails jackets and other formal wear for musicians
    • Tor Designs & Marketing Ltd - (Music Stand Banners) in association with R&J Handley, 27-29 Barkston House, Croydon Street, Leeds, LS11 9RT - Tel: 0113-245-7008, Fax: 0113-245-7009
    • Traditional Sewing - specialises in embroidered badges for T-shirts, Uniforms etc. Tel/Fax: 01453 511654
    From the excellent IBEW.
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    John, you should use that information for an autolink for 'uniforms'.
  17. WoodenFlugel

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    OK after a bit of digging this is where we got ours from:

    Uniforms Direct
    Unit 7 Osbaldwick Ind. Estate
    Outgang Lane
    YO19 5UX
    Tel. 01904 427000

    The jackets themselves are fine - quality and fit are both good. However (and sorry for the rubbishness of this recommendation) I can't say what their customer service was like as I didn't have anything to do with buying the jackets. I believe the price (from about 3 years ago) was around £42 each including embroidering the badge.

    Hope this helps..