Where can our band buy good (but not over priced) uniforms?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by toppy the tenor, Dec 22, 2003.

  1. Our band has worked extremely hard over christmas to raise money to buy a new set of jackets. I've looked around but wondered if anyone had any ideas where we can get good quality uniforms for a cheaper price than the larger suppliers.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Bones

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    Armstrong Mills Clothing, Middleton Road, Ilkeston

    I believe the Desford Bands got their uniforms from there at a competitive price.

  3. Kerwintootle

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    Are the band set on getting jackets? We bought a full set of shirts and waistcoats and extras for the price of just a few jackets would cost. They're great to play in, lots of room for movement and not too hot on stage. We bought them from http://www.getshirty.com/index.html?id=sK7FVKIE in Edinburgh for a great price.

    Check out my avatar for how it looks. (it's also on 4barsrest).

  4. NeilW

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    Do you want "fancy colours" and lots of braid?

    If you're not fussed, then local bands have done:
    a) school-type blazers (blue or black) with a custom badge. School outfitters can normally advise.
    b) commercial (I think they were designed for catering staff) jackets - I've seen them in red, but I think they do other colours too. I think there are catalogues "out there" that feature that sort of thing.

    Both sorts can be had for around £30 (or less). Badges are < £10 depending on the number of colours...

  5. Cornishwomble

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    Could always try George at Asda? No?
  6. johnmartin

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    We got a full set of uniforms from Handleys funded by a grant from Awards for All. Absolutely no problem with the grant application and everything was done and dusted in within a matter of weeks. Check out the story at our website.
  7. Okiedokie of Oz

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    How do you guys all feel about the stripe on the trousers?
  8. Many thanks to all of you for your suggestions.

    The band currently play in blazers but the general consensus is that we'd like more traditional uniforms (minus the stripe on the trouser).

    Handley's are just so expensive and I'm sure we can get them cheaper elsewhere. I'll try the Desford contact.

    Hope you all have a great christmas!
  9. Okiedokie of Oz

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    NO STRIPE!!!!!!!!

    That's sacriledge!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. MoominDave

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    No - a blessed relief - then you can use your own generic black trousers rather than depending on the band having a pair that fits you!

  11. PeterBale

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    When our band recently got a new set of uniforms we did in fact opt for a stripe of black braid down the trousers, but largely because it was felt they would keep their shape better, given the amount of wear they get.
  12. Okiedokie of Oz

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    We did the same.

    As for Generic Pants, we opted for a colour that should be easier matched for those of unusual size.
  13. Railybobs

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    You think you have it bad. SA bands have two uniforms. Normal Navy Blue day to day uniforms and then the red festival tunics, which i have been told that were decided upon because the dark blue uniforms were too hot to play in.

    I maybe mistaken but i think the ISB and Enfield at least have a travelling uniform aswell.
  14. Brian Kelly

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    Not only that, but in SA bands you have to buy your own uniform(s) as well.
  15. Razor

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    While on the subject of SA band uniform. Does anybody know of any SA bands other than Govan Citadel that still wear the traditional navy stand up's(high neck)?

    I believe in the last few years a number of bands have switched to the new style including Enfield, Hendon, Chalk Farm, Norwich Citadel etc.

    Some people think they are a bit dated but personally I think they're really smart especially when matched with a pair of highly polished toe cap shoes and I would hate to see the day they vanish completely!
  16. Maestro

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    I Preferred the 'Old Style' uniform, mainly due to the amount of Summer work we had on at Sheringham. Was great to wear a wet t shirt under the tunic at times. :wink:
  17. PeterBale

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    At Hadleigh we have recently gone over to open neck uniforms largely due to the increasing cost and difficulties in obtaining/replacing stand collar. The band had previously gone back into stand collar after a spell with the new style.

    Personally, whilst they can look very smart, they do need to be well-fitted, and are not very good if you are prone to add a few pounds from time to time! I also used to find it a pain if we were away, having to mess around with white shirts for use with the festival tunics, T-shirt for the stand collar, band jumper for travelling etc. At least now we've only got shirts to worry about, and it saves a lot of hassle on away weekends. It also makes more sense now that we have the white shirts with epaulettes for summer wear.
  18. Railybobs

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    Not to be padantic, but i think the ISB supply the uniforms unless i am mistaken. Open to correction if needed
  19. PeterBale

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