Where can I get the Ediburgh video clip of Acid Brass!

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by youngblood, Apr 23, 2007.

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    I want to add a video clip of the W Fairley Band playing their famous 'Acid Brass' to my site. I have found a short clip but I have been told there is a much better clip out there, I just cant find it.

    I believe it is of a concert in Edinburgh and highly entertaining. I want to email the clip to show friends in the USA who are coming over to see the band play at the big 'BRASS' festival in July just what it is all about! A good clip would be great for that.

    It's amazing to think that this is Acid Brass's 10th birthday!

    The clip I have is the same as the one on the BRASS myspace site:


    So no need to post a link to that, I am after a longer clip than that one please post a link if you know where it is.


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    It was posted on YouTube but now appears to have been dropped. The clip was the full news report covering William Fairey Band at the Jaffa Club! It was an interesting experience for band and clubbers. Faireys were sandwiched between other groups in the evening's programme and in full uniform!
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    Cheers but...

    Thanks for that! Your site was well worth a look and that is I believe the clip I have been looking for, only I can't copy it which would have been good.

    I am still keen to see if there is any longer clips of WF playing Acid Brass as there seems to be a lot of interest since BRASS announced it will be played at the Festival!

    Thanks again!
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    MAN, that was a class gig.

    I'm not sure if it was the gig itself or the free cases of Red Stripe... :p
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    The gig we did at the opening of the Tate Modern was also televised on BBC, I wouldn't know how to get hold of a clip tho.

    There's also this one, this was the culmination of the original Acid Brass events..... don't think this is how we want it remembered tho!

  7. brassneck

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    - apart from The KLF's change of title, the video does prove that brass bands can play a role outside the usual nostaglic role of ballad accompaniment!