Where can I get a Silent Brass mute for Euph??

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by WelshEuphNatty, Nov 25, 2005.

  1. WelshEuphNatty

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    We have a Silent Brass system here with a Flugel mute . This is of no use to me as I play Euph ( and dear hubby plays Sop!)

    Does anyone know where I can get the MUTE part only? It seems silly to buy a whole new system when all I need is the mute ( unless it costs the same for a whole thing of course!!).

    I have got a practise mute that I can borrow from our band but it is still quite loud and is not the same as the silent brass - obviously.....!

    Many thanks
  2. James Yelland

    James Yelland Active Member

    As a suggestion:


    and I'm sure there are other retailers in your neck of the woods who will oblige, although with purchase a couple of clicks of the mouse away, it hardly matters!
  3. Steve

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