Where can I find decent music?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by JessopSmythe, Feb 9, 2006.

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    I know we've got a few composers / arrangers and publishers on here doing lots of good brass band music but does anyone know of a source for decent 10 piece and small ensemble arrangments?
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    There are several SA series, notably the American Band Journal published in New York, which is set up for a minimum of nine players. Composers like James Curnow, Stephen Bulla, etc.
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    Have a look at Obrasso and Musikverlag Frank for ensemble stuff. Mnozil Brass get their music published through Musikverlag Frank.
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    They deal with the London Brass 10-piece series (most of which are now published with brass band instrumentation alongside the orchestral brass parts that London Brass use), the Paul Archibald Collection (just orchestral brass, sorry) and the John Wallace Colection.

    Eighth Note Publications have a good selection of ensemble music (and also some brass band music) - www.enpmusic.com - very nice people to deal with - very helpful if you are unsure what you are after.

    www.rkingmusic.com - has a huge selection in their catalogue.

    For some of the most famous quintet arrangements in the brass quintet literature, you can find many of the Candian Brass' arrangements at http://www.canbrass.com/store.html

    Boston Brass have a few of their, excellent, arrangements available at http://www.jdshawmusic.com although many of these are fiendish arrangements, designed for the Boston Brass, all of whom are excellent in the field of improvisation (so if you don't like reading chords, it might be worth avoiding them).

    www.stewmuse.com has a few brass ensemble items, might be worth checking out (and a couple of free quintets you can download).

    www.surreybrass.co.uk have a few arrangements online (including a couple from our own Dave Payn), the number available is growing rapidly, worth checking out.

    www.deniswick.net - Denis has done a number of arrangements for 10 piece ensemble (some from his days with the Philip Jones Brass Ensemble), I have yet to find any that I wouldn't recommend (Shepherd's Hey is my favourite - although you do need a somewhat insane piccolo trumpeter)
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    Check out www.naomimusic.be
    Mike Lyons has done several pieces for ensemble... check them out! ;-)
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    p.m. me and I'll send you a list. I did some stuff for 10 piece for my wedding, that may be quite handy