when was percussion introduced

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    I always thought percussion was a fairly recent introduction to brass bands. However i was reading through some of our old minute books and found reference as to who was going to take the xylophone to a concert in a local park. The date of the entry was June 20th 1933. So were Murton Band just ahead of their time or was percussion common place at this time :D
  2. Craigsav83

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    It is and isn't recent, percussion was banned from the contest platform until 1975 (I think, I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong!) When Howarth's 'Fireworks' was used in the British Open, however primative percussion dates back right to the beginning of brass bands basic marching drums.

    Personally, with the lack of original band compositions in 1933, I would have thought that a xylophone would be a luxury for bands then, with not many oppertunites for its use.
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    It was actually 1969 ... using Vinter's Spectrum at the Open. Although up to this point (see links below), percussion used in contests was seen as an oppportunity to hide mistakes. Vinter's vision, to add more percussion instruments to enhance colour & effect, led to performances of his works feeling empty without them on the contest stage. Championship bands were required to use percussion in 1973, youth bands following in 1974. It was 1975 when ALL bands were obliged to contest with percussion.

    for above, Roy Newsome transcripts here

    As for non contesting see this article here by Arthur Butterworth.
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  4. MarkGillatt

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    South Elmsall
    And we have been covering up the mistakes ever since. Nothing I like better than asking the cornets if they want me to play those "fiendishly difficult" parts on xylo :)
  5. BoozyBTrom

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    Auckland Park, Bishop Auckland
    Your a funny guy Mark! if only you could play in time you would have everything.
  6. Mr Guinness

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    Burton on Trent
    Is this thread suggesting that percussion might actually be 'part' of the band??!!! Are we loved after all? Awww, I feel all warm and fuzzy inside!!

    Funny though, cos I thought we were just a dumping ground for spare bass players and oldies?!! :tongue:
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