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    Not sure if I'm posting this in the right place but here goes anyway.

    I desperately need a CD recording of When The Saints Go Marching In for my Grandma's funeral this coming Monday morning (14th Aug). It was something she requested as its nice & jolly! The problem we do have however, is that it can't be a copy as it might not play on the equipment at the crematorium. So, it must be an original. If someone local has it, I can come & pick it up or if its a bit further afield, postage would be reimbursed.

    Thanking anyone in great anticipation
  2. 1st Position

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    Don't know if this would be of any use, but on the Ever Ready (Now Reg Vardy) CD 'Early One Morning' they play 'When The Bands...' basically a slow version of When the Saints in a special arrangement by Stuart Stirling. I haven't got my copy to hand at the moment, but I'm sure if you contacted the band, I'm sure they would help.
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    Have you got a local HMV or Virgin store? Online, they seem to stock various recordings of the tune ... best of luck!
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    Good idea.:clap:

    Try Louis Armstrong, it one of his most recorded songs.
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    1st track on 'The Saints!' CD by St. Helens Youth Brass Band is Goff Richards' arrangement of The Saints (1 min 34 long!).

    CD is published by Egon. PM me or text (think you've got the number) if its any use.

    Cheers, Helen x

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