What's your specialist subject?

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  1. timbloke

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    Reading a cry for a mechanic from on tMPer, I thought to myelf - what does everyone do that could be useful to me? Who should I go to for guidance and assistance on something or other? Who could be my phone a friend should I ever get on to WWTBAM?

    So I thought I'd start this thread, not as a discussion or debate, but as a searchable list of everyones specialist subjects.

    I'll start, and I suggest you use the same format to make it easier.

    Job Assistant Civil Engineer
    Qualifications MEng Civil and Structural Engineering, not quite chartered - watch this space.
    Key Subjects In Your Job Drainage Design, Highway Design, Construction Contract Preparation, 3d Ground Modelling and Flythroughs, Car Park Design, CAD, Project Management, Liaison with Council Highways Bods, Feasibility Studies for all types of Construction etc.
    Useless Knowledge Kids TV (and themes), Real Ales, BBC computer games
    Got a software problem? Excel (advanced), Word (medium), AutoCAD, MSProject (advanced), LSS (advanced), WinDES, ICEPac
  2. bigmamabadger

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    Job Librarian
    Qualifications Several useless O and A levels, BA (Hons) in Cartography and Town Planning, Introduction to Microsoft Outlook.
    Key Subjects In Your Job Shelving, Cataloguing, Book repairing and covering, Dealing with stroppy 6th Formers
    Useless Knowledge Vast database of general knowledge, not including football and 70's prog rock. (My friends refuse to play Trivial Pursuit with me any more because I always win...) I can change sparkplugs on a Vauxhall Corsa and a battery on a Citroen 2CV. Oh and I know how to set a newt trap and tell if bats have been in your loft.
    Got a software problem? Then call a software engineer. Do I look like I care?

  3. EIBB_Ray

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    Job Program Manager
    Qualifications Bachelor of Music (I think someone mentioned useless degrees....) Former Registered Securities Dealer
    Key Subjects In Your Job Project Management, Working with Software Developers, Handling Secondary School Transcripts and Transcript Data
    Useless Knowledge I too have trouble finding Trivial Pursuit foes, seem to know a little about a lot and not really know where or how I obtained it.
    Got a software problem? Excel (advanced) Word (medium) Outlook (medium)PowerPoint (medium)
  4. GingerMaestro

    GingerMaestro Active Member

    Job IT Specialist
    Qualifications Degree from the University of Life
    Key Subjects In Your Job Computers
    Useless Knowledge Contest dates and pieces played
    Got a software problem? Anything
  5. brasscrest

    brasscrest Active Member

    Job Sr. Software Developer

    Qualifications A bit of university (never finished the degree), countless hours of technical training, 20 years experience in the field, natural talent ;)

    Key Subjects in my Job Various computer languages and systems, human resources, payroll, finance, accounting, health care issues, government regulation

    Useless Knowledge Was an apprentice plumber about 25 years ago. Various music-related things. Also a bit of a ghoul about airline and railroad crashes, have a great deal of knowledge gleaned from reading accident reports.

    Got a software problem? Various languages (COBOL, SQR, Pascal, C, C++, Perl, HTML, CSS, Oracle PL/SQL, PHP), database packages (Oracle, MySQL), ERP packages (PeopleSoft), any of the MS Office products (except Publisher)
  6. caramelbunny

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    Job - professional student ;) (as I come to the end of my 7th year with another 2 pending!!)

    Qualifications - BSc (hons) Biology, then the usual schooly music / duke of edinburgh / randomness that they tell you will look good on your cv

    Key Subjects in my Job - job?? um.......guess I really ought to know at least some medicine stuff by now :oops: ...do work the summers with kids with disabilities thoughso have an endless resource of kids games for a rainy day! :D

    Useless Knowledge - British Sign Language & not bad Latin dancer....guess am better at making pretty shapes with my body than doing the thinking thing

    Got a software problem? - less than no idea sorry!! :confused:
  7. andyp

    andyp Active Member

    Job - 6 years Technical Support for 1000+ people with little or no formal PC training!

    Qualifications: Physics degree, presently doing CCNA (Cisco Networking for computers etc) at night school, which is v.hard and making my head ache!

    Key subjects in my job: Computers, wires and stuff.

    Useless knowledge: Lots! Mainly computers + cars, also 1st/2nd World War naval history, tropical fish, toddlers and woodwork (last 2 not at same time, obviously!).

    Got a softare problem? :Er.....know a bit but wouldn't claim to be an expert. Except in keeping a v.old Celeron 333 with Windows98SE, 128MB RAM and Firefox going!
  8. Will the Sec

    Will the Sec Active Member

    Job Senior Policy Advisor
    Qualifications Few
    Key Subjects In Your Job Advising and supporting Ministers of the Government of the day.
    Useless Knowledge Cricket; London Buses and Trains; Marvel comics; Terry Pratchett; Quantum Leap; Gilbert and Sullivan operettas; references from obscure court cases
    Got a software problem? Only that I can apply common sense solutions to problems where others (including IT help desks) miss them completely.

    TIMBONE Active Member

    Job 1. Looking after Julie 2. Writing and publishing music
    Qualifications Associate of the Royal Northern College of Music. Teacher's Certificate for Music Specialists.
    Key Subjects In Your Job Housework, Cooking, Writing music.
    Useless Knowledge The first cigarette with a tip, (not a filter tip), was Craven 'A'. It was made of cork, which is why tips on cigarettes are made to look like cork.
    Got a software problem? Anything which is not basic.
  10. Mister 4x4

    Mister 4x4 Member

    Job IT Specialist
    Qualifications MCP, MCSA, A+, Network+, Server+, Solaris Administration Level I, Sun Maintenance Level II
    Key Subjects In Your Job Hardware maintenence (Server, PC, & peripherals), Network installation and troubleshooting, System administration (Windows & Solaris - UNIX), IT Security, Website developement and maintenance (HTML, PHP, MySQL, MS-IIS, Apache, and Graphic artist)
    Useless Knowledge Computer Case-Modding, Custom PC building/maintenance, Woodworking, Auto-mechanics, R/C vehicles, NASCAR Know-it-all, Architectural Drafting major in school, Drawing, Painting & Airbrush technique, general building construction and interior finish experience, light metal fabrication & welding.
    Got a software problem? Windows 9x, Me, 2000, XP, Server 2000-2003 (advanced levels of operation and administration), MS-Office (all features except Access - advanced levels), AutoCAD, graphics applications (PaintShop Pro, PhotoShop, CorelDRAW, Windows Paint, et al.), Sun Solaris 2.6 & 8 - intermediate experience, Red Hat Linux (7.1, 8, Fedora Core 1) - intermediate experience, HTML coding (advanced), PHP (beginner), MySQL (beginner)

    I'm a 'certified' Geek... with too many other hobbies. But I can't do plumbing or math to save my life... seriously. When they introduce the alphabet into the equations, I'm in trouble.
  11. Pythagoras

    Pythagoras Active Member

    Job: Maths Teacher
    Qualifications: Masters Degree in maths, PGCE
    Key Areas in my job: Maths, Pedagogy, misdemeanors of british teenagers.
    Useless knowledge: Lots of geeky stuff: Dinosaurs, Star Trek, Species of Birds and Animals, Harry Potter, Jane Austen, Bronte's, Capital cities, Sport statistics, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Real Ale
    Software Knowledge: None at all (Got module 1 of ECDL but that's about it)
  12. Rapier

    Rapier Supporting Member

    Job: Retired + Police advisor for TV and Films, TV & Film Extra and police firearms consultant for BBC News and Times Newspaper.
    Qualifications: National Police Firearms Instructor. National Police Close Protection Instructor. National Police Hostage Rescue Instructor. Tactical Advisor. Class One Police Advanced Driver. Anti Ambush Driver. Off Road Driving Instructor. First Aid Instructor. Helicoptor and Building Abseil Dispatcher. Advanced Police Equestrian Certificate. SAS Bodyguard Course. SBS Explosive Methods of Entry Course. BTech Nat. Dip. Sports Massage and Injury Treatment.
    Key Subjects in Job : Armed Conflict Resolution and Hostage Rescue.
    Useless Knowledge: Most of the above.
    Software Knowledge: Don't wash woollens on a hot wash. Oh sorry, wrong sort of 'soft wear'.
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    Job AutoCAD & GIS Technician
    Qualifications A Levels in Art, Ceramics & English. City & Guilds 2D & 3D CAD
    Key Subjects In Your Job Drawing - Anything from buildings, pipework, stuff for landscape architects, roads, all sorts really!
    Useless Knowledge Arty stuff, musicals.
    Got a software problem? Word (medium), AutoCAD (advanced), Arcview, HoleBASE, StanCAD.
  14. twigglet

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    I vote rapier as winning the interesting job competition so far... wow!

    Job: Student
    Qualifications: Degree in Politics and East European Studies (almost finished, touch wood)
    Key Subjects In Your Job - Learning lots of stuff about East European politics, that is fascinating but probably ultimately useless
    Useless Knowledge- see above, plus some rather interesting sheep facts!
    Got a software problem? Then don't come to me, despite having my ECDL don't believe the hype, it doesn't make you be able to work computers.. trust me, computers hate me
  15. flower girl

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    proffessional student
    mobile phone expert
    I.t technician
  16. 2nd man down

    2nd man down Moderator Staff Member

    Job: Electrical Sales Engineer
    Qualifications: None what-so-ever apart from a few O levels and CSE's. Failed the second year of a BTEC Electrical/Electronic Diploma. Even failed me flippin Tufty Club Road Safety Course. After too long mucking about thinking they'd throw qualifications at me I'm now a really fast learner!
    Key Subjects: Most things electrical. Specialise in my job in PLC and SCADA system design and sales.
    Useless Knowledge: Footie, Fish (don't ask), Star Wars, Harry Potter, countless other completely useless topics.
    Software Knowledge: Sorry, I know two things about software. Nothing, and bog all.

    Gotta hand it to Rapier, that's one hell of a job description.
  17. Dave Payn

    Dave Payn Active Member

    Job: Soon to be a recruitment officer for the Scottish National Trust (part time)

    Qualifications: Three O Levels (Music, English Language, French). One A Level (Music)

    Key Subjects: Football history, some general sports knowledge, the music of J.S. Bach and general classical music knowledge (ish), some cult TV, history of the Philip Jones Brass Ensemble (unlikely to be required for WWTBAM! ;))

    Useless Knowledge: Referring to a recent Leyland Band thread, it was Peter Auty that sang Walking In The Air on the original Snowman cartoon, not Aled Jones!

    Software Knowledge: Not great!
  18. bigmamabadger

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    I vote Rapier the most interesting job description on tMP now and forever. How fascinating is all that stuff! Rapier, you should hold seminars.
    Badger swooning with admiration.

    edit: mind you this doesn't mean I shall stop being cheeky to you if I think you deserve it...
  19. geordiecolin

    geordiecolin Active Member

    Job: Local Authority Planning Officer
    Qualifications: BA (Hons) Urban Studies and Planning, PG Dip Town and Regional Planning, Student Membership RTPI
    Key Subjects: Town Planning Legislation, House Extensions, Mobile Phone Masts, Changes of Use, Conservatories, Tree Protection Orders, Office/Industrial Developments, Permitted Development, works to Listed Buildings, Conservation Areas, Home Zones, Regeneration, Rough Council Estates in North Tyneside....
    Useless Knowledge: Footie, really random facts
    Software Knowledge: MS Office, Windows, Outlook, Firefox, Lotus Notes, Arcview, MapInfo, CAPS UNIFORM
  20. Charmed

    Charmed Active Member

    Job: Education Welfare Officer
    Qualifications: Some 'O' Levels, Social Science, Health & Social Care, Word Processing.
    Key Subjects In Your Job Area: School Attendance, Child Protection, Child Employment
    Useless Knowledge: Pretty useless at useless knowledge!
    Got a Software Problem: A what problem?