Whats your most memorable banding moment???

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  1. Vickitorious

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    Whats your most memorable banding moment?

    My two top memorable moments would have to be when we played at a concert with Philip McCann! Who was great!! Both the band and Philip played brilliantly, it was one of those moments when you're really proud to be in a band, and the atmosphere was great, we had loads of laughs throughout the evening. I was giggling all night! (inbetween performaces anyway! But I normally do that anyway!)
    And my second one would be when I was at NYBB and Paul McGrath was conducting, and we were playing paganini. He stopped us and asked us all to sing our parts together which was soo funny, I couldn't sing because I was laughing so much!!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: I've got loads of great memories lets hear some of yours...............
  2. aimee_euph

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    my most memeorable banding moment must be when we played for the Queen, on the route to St. Paul's Cathedral and she went past in her gold carriage and Prince Philip pointed us out to her.

    But even better than that, was when Harry & William went past *swoon*.

    After that, we wetn to St. Bartholemew's Fair, and played along side people like Dyke, Fodens, Faireys and i can't remember who else!!

    it was a good day, i really enjoyed meself!
  3. Naomi McFadyen

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    All the things I've done in banding have been memorable... even remember my first ever band rehearsal...
    But I think the ones that will defo be top for me, as well having the honour and pleasure of having some top conductors and meeting some top people in the BB world (inc: Goff Richards, David King, Peter Graham, Garry Cutt, Mike Fowles, Roy Newsome, Steve Sykes, Simone Rebello... and more!) would be playing at the Royal Albert Hall for the first time this year... and winning the All England Masters this year as well... :D
  4. yeah, winning the masters wasn't toooo bad really
  5. imthemaddude

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    Getting to play one or two solos from bumper up in the bands at the Bromsgrove Summer school this year and also playing my first solo there 'pastorale' and then today playing the last post to a very large congreagtion in chester. :D Maybe winning at whitehaven with me on principal cornet comes into it too :D
  6. satchmo shaz

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    for me it has to be conducting my band Long EAton to get 2nd in the national finals this year at Dundee!, also 7 of my family were playing!! :)
  7. Seedhouse

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    Agreed, that was probably my most memorable moment too. First contest with Long Eaton and we came 2nd at the Nationals, also got star player on 4barsrest somehow! :? Couldn't hope for anything better than that.
    Won't forget the party afterwards either!!!! :D
  8. Heather

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    One moment I will never forget was when I played for Swinton Concert Brass and we were in the 4th section. We played at Pilkingtons (now Wilkinsons) contest and came 2nd!! It was our (and mine) first ever result at a contest. I don't really think anything will ever match up to the euphoria we all felt.
    I've also played for the Queen and made a CD with Jimmy Cricket!!!!! All memorable in their own ways.
    But I will always, always remember the past 12 months with United Co op Crewe. Winning the 1st section areas was amazing, playing in the Senior Cup was also fantastic and competing in the National Finals in Dundee was the icing on the cake. Don't suppose 2004 can better it....or maybe it can!!!!!!
  9. andyp

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    Although I have played in the major contests (a while ago!) my most memorable moment was in the Third Section at Fleetwood Contest 4 years ago. One of the founder members of the band and chairman at the time, Roger Bannister, sadly died after a struggle with cancer, on the Tuesday before the contest. On no account were we to withdraw, and nor did we. From the first note (according to people in the hall) it was (for us) a superb performance, and to cap it all we came second. When Derek Atkinson announced the result there were very few dry eyes, certainly not mine!

    Most disappointing moment (in the sense that it's supposed to be the best) was playing in the finals at RAH. I don't know how the BBC record in there, it's like an echo chamber. Derek Borgeious' (sp?) Concerto No.1 was the test, which I hated. Had a good weekend otherwise, though :).
  10. Okiedokie of Oz

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    My most memorable contest was my first on a BBb. The band had just bought 2 new Internationals, and I was allowed to play one (Mum called it a trial run to see how I'd look afyer a Sovereign EEb :wink: ), and a man I looked up to and admired was given another.

    It was a special year for me. As well as being my 1st state titles (my 1st contest had been a Nationals!!!), that year the contest was the first time I competed in a championship solo, and, more memorably, my 1st diagram march. Before the basses arrived, most of the practices we'd done were on our older Yamaha Bb's. Alan (the older player) had a couple of runins with an Eb player (coincidentaly, also called Alan, but that's a joke perhaps for the embarrasing moment or something :) ) but nothing serious had emerged.

    On the day of the diagram march, our drum major had already sacked a player (hung over at a marching practice), the weather was 36 degrees and rising, we went out to the field for our march. Halfway through the march, I heard this massive "CLANG!!!", and protectively, I angled my bass straight up and begand feeling for damage as I played. Not finding anything, I figured it must've been one of the Alan's and let it go.

    At the end of the march, standing at attention, I heard a gasp. Doing a VERY bad thing, I turned for a look....and saw Alan's face covered in blood, with a massive smile on his face. His mouthpiece was filled with red, bubbly liquid. After all that work, in the heat, and then seeing that, I almost fainted, but for the glare of a certain drum major.....

    We got 3rd in the diagram....could we have done better??? We'll never know.
  11. trombelle

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    i aven't got as much experiance as you guys but my most memorable moment was def my first ever Whit Friday. i missed my frist one due to illness to had to wait till the next yr, but it was worth it!!
    me and my dad rolled in a about 1:30am (q early in whit friday terms) after a nyt of great music and no small amount of drinking! :wink:
    long live the tradition of pubs and contesting, tho prob best not in that order! (tho it dint do us any harm......!)
  12. leisa

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    i havent either!! so mine was prob my first whit friday or winning national youth champs with stocjkport, that was fun cos i looked up b4 we won and everyone looked quite depressed cos they thought we hadnt then they announced it and people were jumpin over chairs and nikki (fifi) picked becky (icklesop) up and then fell over whilst the bandsman photographer took a foto that was quite amusing....hmmmmm
  13. trombelle

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    LOL!!! :lol:
    my lil bro plays with stocky schools....james barrett ring ne bells?? he's on horn, poss solo or 1st im not sure.
    jus thought id ask!!!
  14. leisa

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    erm...i dont think so but theres 3 bands which one?? im nn the senior but theres the inters and juniors too the name does actually ring a bell somewhere in my little brain
  15. trombelle

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    ermmm.... intermediate prob or senior. blondey hair, big gob!! i have seen u at a few concerts i think (i know becki and josh) but now i sound like a stalker so shhhh!
  16. leisa

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    lol dnt worry!! i think it must be the inters cos we only have one male horn and he has black hair!!
  17. floral_dance

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    Best band moment for me was years back when I was at school playing in the RAH at the time when the school bands finals were shared with the Championship section. Did not paly fro 18 or so years after that, and just been playing for over a year now so still waiting for my next best band moment!!!!
  18. Alice

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  19. neiltwist

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    my most memorable moments have to be:

    1) going on bluepeter :D

    2) getting into national youth after playing bass trom for only 3 months (after playing cornet for a few years)

    3) winning the Youth Nationals in the Intermediate section, then in the advanced section for the next two years, then then in the open section for the two years after that! (then I was too old :()

    all in all I'm pretty happy with that! :D
  20. MoominDave

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    Weird - that's very similar to what I did! I auditioned on Euph in 1993 and passed, but there were no spaces and none likely to arise quickly, according to a friend who was already in on Baritone. A few months later, I read in the Bandsman that Bass Troms were in desperately short supply, practised one up for a few months, and got in first time after auditioning at Easter 94.

    I'd almost forgotten that till you mentioned it...