Whats your ideal concert programme.

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Bob Thompson, Nov 16, 2006.

  1. Bob Thompson

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    If you had one of, if not the best Brass Bands in the world for a one hour concert, what would be your ideal entertainment programme?
    Suggestions please!
  2. Jacob Larsen

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    1. A march or Prelude of some kind (2-3 min.)
    2. Solo piece or duet of more serious kind (4-5 min.) (highbrass instrument)
    3. Small overture or longer originalwork (8-10 min.)
    4. Hymn setting or choral arrangement (4-6 min.)
    5. Solo piece of more entertaining kind (3-5 min.)
    6. Entertaining piece (4-6 min.)
    7- Entertainng piece (3-4 min.)
    1. March - Rosehill (A.K. Jaleway) 04.30
    2. Song & Dance (Philip Sparke) 05.10
    3. Attleborough Suite (Sir Malcolm Arnold) 12.00
    4. In Perfect Peace (Kenneth Downie) 05.00
    - Bohemian Rhapsody (Mercury)
    5. Londonderry Air (Trad, arr. Bill Geldard) trombone solo 04.30
    6. Land of Make Believe (Chuck Mangione, arr. JL) flg + solo hrn feature 04.00
    7. Sing Sing Sing 04.00
    8. Encore

    Just an idea... 2-3 pieces more for an hour...
  3. The enigma variations.
  4. WoodenFlugel

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    The are some great new arrangements out from the likes of Mark Feeh, Sandy Smith etc etc so it would ba a shame not to include something from them. I'm thinging Comedy Tonight (taken at the breakneck speed written) or, well pretty much any one of Freeh's arrangements as they are all excellent.

    But also as you have at your disposal some seriously good players, you simply have to put on some real brass emotion. I guess we could all pick our favourite emotive pieces out, but anything that requires control, restraint, musicality. My own favourite for these is the Elergy from a Downland Suite. I'm not normally in favour of playing a movement from a longer work out of context, but I think the Elergy is just sublime brass band writing and it stands alone. I would also love to hear it played by a real top band.

    The pyrotechnics are all well and good, but its always the slow stuff if played well, that gets the hairs on the neck pr1cked, and ultimately the thing you (or I at least) will take away from a concert and remember for a long time.

    Edit: sorry I had to beat the bleeper in this case as my post made no sense with the ***'s !!!