What's wrong with Lofthouse 2000 Band?

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    What's wrong with Lofthouse 2000 Band?


    On Thursday the 22nd of February pop the kettle on; settle down on the sofa; tune the TV to BBC One at 7pm and find out what's wrong with Lofthouse band. Dr Barbara from BBC's Street Doctor will reveal all.​

    Last December Dr Barbara and her team of roving GP's broke out of their surgeries and visited the streets of Leeds to film part of the BBC's Street Doctor Series, Lofthouse 2000 Band were delighted to be asked to participate in the show (prompting several jokes about curing players who were tone deaf). After providing some footage for background music to accompany the episode band members then had consultations with Dr Barbara, the results are to be shared with the viewing public.

    In the Leeds episode of Street Doctor the GPs meet a scrap-yard worker suffering from long-term depression, a Lofthouse 2000 band member with a hernia and a man who has a fungal infection on his feet.

    The show will be broadcast on BBC One (All regions) at 7:00pm on Thursday the 22nd of February
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    Oooh, thanks for pointing this out. I will watch this... :tup
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    I know some of the Players but I did not realise they where that old, talk about dedication [ and committment ]. The programme will be something to look forward to.

    The picture would make a good "Picture Compitition" for the future, if it could used.
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    Well done for getting the publicity (for the band, that is, not the hernia!). I'd love to see a John Harvey-Jones Troubleshooter programme sort out a band.
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    Ahhh now I see why Lofthouse lost the 'youth' bit of the title ;)

    lovely to see you all on sat - and some new faces. Sounding fab :clap:

    Good luck at the areas!!!!
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    How about a series of Pimp My Band
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    What's wrong with Lofthouse 2000 Band

    Absolutely nothing wrong with Lofthouse Band, except that solo trombonist who's taken his weightloss programme to the extreme. Great bunch of people, playing very well, keep it up!

    Will be cheering you all on at the areas, even though it means getting up early Sunday morning, the day after my own contest when I may not be feeling at my best!

    Good luck to you all!

    ps. Hope you've all remembered to record this programme so you can attend band practice!
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    :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: Love it!!!!!

    Or "Changing Bands" - can we swap with anyone in the top 10 please?;) (knowing our luck we'd get Finius P Cockwinkles CWB!)
    Or "Band in the Sun" (South of France please)
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    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I missed it!!!!!!!!!! I set the recorder and it didnt record!!!!
  10. six pints

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    I randomly saw it, didnt know it was gpoing to be on, but had TV on in backround while working...

    Very much enjoyed it tho!
  11. Rapier

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    I'd take what that Doctor said with a pinch of salt. Last week she told some guy he had Gilmour's Groin and that it would be fixed by Physio. She was not only pointing to the wrong area for a Gilmours but didn't know that it requires surgery for repair. Which costs asome £3000+, when performed by Mr Gilmour. I know, I've paid for two now. Kids, who'd have em.