whats the most you have ever drunk the night before a contest?

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  1. With a pre contest stay coming up in harrogate coming up i was just wondering who has drunk the most before a contest?

    i once had 5 pints before going on stage at brangwyn hall at the area with Northop (conducted by craig roberts ) and didnt put a note wrong. i even got positive comments from the adjudicator!

    im not condoning this shoddy behaviour, just thought it might be fun :)
  2. Bass Trumpet

    Bass Trumpet Active Member

    I once did the 'old' Mineworkers contest in Blackpool with a band which will remain nameless for legal reasons.

    The band had it's own clubroom with a bar and, due to unforeseen circumstances, the deps who had come up from London couldn't be accommodated. We were told to bring sleeping bags and sleep in the bar!

    As if this wasn't a disaster waiting to happen, the lady serving drinks wanted to go home, so gave us the keys to the bar and said 'drink what you want and leave the money on the counter when you've finished'.

    We finished drinking at 5.30am and the bus left at 6!
  3. Red Elvis

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    Before the area ( not with my current band ) - we were playing on Sunday morning. The day before rugby was on , and as is my wont I established myself in the local with the lads early on saturday afternoon to watch the game. Intention was to take it easy , go home after the game and then come back later that night for a few quiet ales before a relatively early night.

    I think i left at about 0300 and my lift had to almost drag me out of bed at 0730. Thank the lord we got a late draw !!
  4. the mineworkers contest was the best ever, i used to look forward to that every november! there was always much carnage that weekend!:)
  5. MrsDoyle

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    I know a certain Euph player who could drink anyone under the table!! ;-)
  6. Kjata

    Kjata Member

    I'm very strict about drinking before a contest, DONT DO IT lol!! However the night before we all went out and had a bit to drink, but no more than 3 or 4 pints.
  7. kierendinno

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    Area 2008- Got dragged out the night before the contest by friends into Nottingham, promised myself wouldn't stay out long and wouldn't drink much... Which didn't happen. I can't remember how much I drank, but I got in at 4am, had a couple of hours sleep and got picked up at 7am to make the long trip to Bradford :/... Never ever felt so rough :(. Butlins is usually fun too the night before a contest, then 8am rehearsals at the Ship :/ All good fun :p
  8. JesTperfect!

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    Most I've EVER drunk before a contest?

    Two bottles of Becks, the night before.

    I may be dull, but I'm never hungover on a contest stage!
  9. 4thmandown

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    Once went on a stag night the Saturday before Leamington contest. Was still throwing up 30mins before going on stage. I think that won me the 1991 "British Open Hangover Championship".
  10. David Mann

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    *without prejudice*

    Are adjudicators also invited to confess?
  11. animal.22

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    About seven pints and four or five whiskeys the night before Butlins one year but not saying which year. :biggrin:
  12. floppymute

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    Before anyone accuses me of being a party-pooper, I do understand the ethos of this thread and where it's coming from, but...
    Have any of the previous contributors ( JesTperfect excepted) considered how this behaviour lets down all of the hard work and time, presumably, that both they themselves and, more importantly, their band colleagues have dedicated to preparing for the contest?
    A hangover on stage is nothing to be proud of or to laugh about. Save it for after you've played if you have to!
  13. Ex_Horn

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    I was watching a youth section band playing at pontins a few years back and one of the back row players puked into his cornet and tipped it out behind him. I don't know whether or not it was alcohol related but he did look rather green and it gave us all a good laugh.
  14. JesTperfect!

    JesTperfect! Member


    Anyone that knows me (or indeed has seen me AFTER a contest!) will know that I'm hardly a 'party pooper'.......but I do think that brass banding is all about team work.

    I'd never forgive myself if I had too much to drink prior to a contest and then messed up on the stage. I can't really see my band being that thrilled with me either!

    There's plenty of time after you've played for drinking yourself silly (13 pints of Fosters at the Scottish Open anyone?!), but a huge amount of work goes into preparing for a contest, why ruin it for the sake of drinking too much 24 hours before you're entirely free to do so?!
  15. scotchgirl

    scotchgirl Active Member

    I don't drink before a contest...maybe a pint the night before maximum...one year I got really drunk and got *******ed by the conductor for being hungover (rightly so) at a contest, and haven't done it since lol!

    I have turned up to a rehearsal ****ed though...mainly because my birthday falls just before the Area every year, and we mainly have a rehearsal on my birthday...and I mainly have a few before setting off lol!
  16. towse1972

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    Do your band ever win with you in your tipsy state? lol ;)
  17. hmmmmm im related to one of them..........:rolleyes:
  18. help yourselves :)
  19. scotchgirl

    scotchgirl Active Member

    erm....no comment....

    I was told at one rehearsal the week leading up to the Area (I think it was just before we qualified off Montage at the Area), that I should get drunk more often since I nailed the bari solo in the 3rd mvt 7 times in a row lol! (that was good going for me) hee hee.
  20. bbg

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    Being a boring old so-and-so (apparently) and TT, I've never had anything stronger than a cup of tea before going on stage............I'm told that I can act daft and play well/rubbish without a drink, goodness only knows what I'd be like drunk.
    Have seen some nasty ones though - a few years ago at Brass in The Park in particular, when a percussionist had to be "persuaded" to leave the stage for the massed bands performance after coming on blootered and being abusive to a wee lass from another band left a very sour taste indeed.