What's the most unusual thing to come out of your instrument when you've cleaned it?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by EbEwan, Oct 30, 2010.

  1. EbEwan

    EbEwan Member

    Thought it would be a lightheated thread and it came to mind because, cleaning the band instrument for the first time since I had it about 6 weeks ago (first opportunity), an empty packet of Trebor Extra Strong Mints emerged...this reminded me that a couple of years ago someone else in the band extracted a black bow tie from their Euph during a clean - even more strange given that we'd been wearing burgundy bow ties for at least two years previously...so, as the thread title suggests, what has come out of your instrument?
  2. bassmittens

    bassmittens Member

    At school some folk broke into our band room and used my Bass as a place to 'relieve' themselves in - they also found the music left on the stands useful to wipe with. They then decorated the blackboards in the room with their newly adopted gang name: "The S*** Bandits"

    I had to take my bass to the grassy area and tip it up allowing the the alien object to roll out.

    It then took about 4 days of continuous disinfecting to make the instrument bearable.

    Our conductor/brass teacher was not a happy bunny. More annoyed that i did not take my bass home over Easter to practice i think!!
    ........still glad you asked?????
  3. DannyCollin

    DannyCollin Member

    1/2 a tennis ball
  4. I once managed to extricate a cornet player's straight mute - could've been worse, could have been a cornet player!

    Andy, suffering in relatively muffled silence.
  5. I also got a note out in tune, but it was just the once, and has yet to be verified! ;):tongue:

    Andy - anybody in need of a bass player, yorkshire areas?
  6. i onced knew an Eb bass player who dropped his phone down the bell and got it firmly stuck about an hour before a gig. we all kept ringing him, poor chap!
  7. sunshine

    sunshine Member

    Years ago, when I was playing in my school band, I was practising at home and my sister was being annoying throwing things at me trying to get me to stop. She threw a sindy (cheaper version of Barbie) record player at me, which hit the bell of my baritone and rattled all the way down. Unfortuanately it didn't just drop out, and I think my attempts to retrieve it with a wooden spoon only lodged it further down. About 2 days (and a bathful of water) later, it floated out the end.
  8. subtlevib

    subtlevib Member

    A Fig Roll!
  9. Backrowmike

    Backrowmike Member

    I once cleaned a school Bb bass to find out why it was so hard to blow to find a yellow duster, a tennis ball and a packet of out of date crisps! ;)
  10. wilky

    wilky Member

    a lot of splits and wrong notes!
  11. iancwilx

    iancwilx Well-Known Member

    Some years ago whilst playing Sousaphone with a jazz band in a Manchester shopping Mall, a passing "Oik" (music lover) lobbed a half eaten quarter pounder burger with all the trimmings down the bell end.
    I had no facility to flush it through, so I had to grope down the end to try and fish it out. The more I groped, the further around the bend it went until it could just be felt with the tip of my fingers, but was infuriatingly inaccessible- messy !!

    - Mr Wilx
  12. TrumpetTom

    TrumpetTom Member

    I heard somthing about a dead mouse in one of hade edges old basses I think. Don't know how true that is.
  13. Years ago while practicing in my bedroom i managed to tip up my jar of marbles and one went down the bell of my tenor trombone.. despite strenuous efforts i could not blow it out... dad had to get a high pressure air hose to blast it out.......

    more recently i cleaned the bass trombone and found a double pedal A afterwards!!!!!
  14. tubagod

    tubagod Member

    In my old band, they have have these very very old tubas, i tried clean to clean one of them up, and out fell a 100 krone bill (aprox 10 £).. when told the other members of my find (which went to finance our trip to scotland) they told me, that the previous conductor liked to collect money in old instruments, but when i made this discovery, the previous conductor had passed away 6 years earlier..
  15. iancwilx

    iancwilx Well-Known Member

    You could clean out old tubas in Yorkshire for 1000 years and not find a penny !

    - Mr Wilx
  16. Bass Man

    Bass Man Active Member

    I once found a pencil lodged in my tuba moments before going onto a contest stand!

    A friend of mine once found some sunglasses that had been missing for about a year in his tuba, they must have been lodged there the whole time and he never realised
  17. Gorgie boy

    Gorgie boy Member

    Was there not a story from the Open the year the piece was Revelation (1995?) when I think it was the Grimey principal trombone played the piece with a pencil stuck down his instrument? I remember him continually staring angrily and frustratingly at his trombone all the way through the performance. I seem to remember that there was an allegation of foul play at the time.
  18. fatcontroler

    fatcontroler Member

    After annual clean, a small bobble hat came out of bass.......explained a few playing issues!
  19. tubafran

    tubafran Active Member

    Nothing so serious in mine apart from some very enthusiastic Germany party goers firing lots of party popper streamers at my bass. Despite regular cleaning out I still had coloured paper streamers coming out of the instrument up to a year later.
  20. winterman

    winterman Member

    When I first started playing, I was presented with a tatty old baritone to learn on and it obviously hadn't been checked before being given to me.

    I took it home and tried blowing it, nothing (even with purple face and near collapse)! So my dad took a look and noticed a rather strange smell coming from it.

    Long story short, we eventually managed to extract a very mouldy whole Carrot from it that had worked its way round so far it completely blocked off the air flow and somehow semi-preserved itself! We checked with the bandmaster and the baritone had been sat untouched for at least 2 years prior to being thrown at me?! :$

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