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    Talk about convoulted. Read this in a magazine recently.

    What connects a trip up Snowdon to the 1953 Everest Expedition?

    (I hope you're ready to follow this)

    1: At the summit of Snowdon is a cafe, built in 1936 by Sir Clough Williams Ellis
    2: Sir Clough Williams Ellis also designed the village of Portmeirion
    3: Portmeirion was the location for the 1960's series "The Prisoner" starring Patrick McGoohan
    4: Patrick McGoohan reputedly took a role in the film "Ice Station Zebra" based on a book by Alistair MacLean in order to fund the final episodes of "The Prisoner"
    5: Alistair Maclean also wrote "Where Eagles Dare" which was made into a film in 1968 starring Clint Eastwood
    6: In 1975, Clint Eastwood, directed and starred in "The Eiger Station". He performed all his own stunts with the assistance of British Climbers, Hamish McInnes and Dougal Haston
    7: In his younger days, Dougal Haston, used to climb to the top of the church in his home town of Currie, Scotland and leave Womens Underwear on the flagpole
    8: When British eccentric, Maurice Wilson, died on Everest, apparently his rucksack contained a number of items of Womens Underwear
    9: The body of Maurice Wilson was discovered in 1935 by another Everest Reconaissance Expedition led by Bill Tillman
    10: On Bill Tillman's team of porters was a young Sherpa by the name of Sherpa Tenzing Norgay
    11: Sherpa Tenzing Norgay was, along with Sir Edmund Hillary, was one of the team to make world climbing history by reaching the summit of Everest in 1953!

    Everyone follow that?

    More interestingly, can anyone beat that for a bizzare connection?
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    Thats amazing, very interesting to me as I am a very keen climber
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    ... and of course with chaos theory, anything can be linked to anything :)
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    The answer is:

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    :clap: :clap: :clap:
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    Nope, wrong sorry... it is 42.44510948